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The Ultimate Mojito

The proverb states that the darkest hour of the night is always before the dawn. Ladies this was a dark time. But my, was that wise proverb right. Sunlight hit me like a big glittery slap in the face. I had found it. The ultimate mojito recipe. True and irrevocable love.

It is with pride and pleasure that I share this with you now, ahem…

Perfect Mojito Ingredients

  • Granulated brown sugar
  • A fair few, juicy limes
  • Havana 3 ans (year) Rum
  • Sugar or Gomme Syrup (white granulated sugar dissolved in hot water until cooled and syrupy will do the trick)
  • Soda
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Crushed ice

You will also need:

  • A 25ml measure (guessing is also fun but this is my favourite sort of science)
  • High glass(es)
  • Straw(s)
  • Muddler & Stirrer

To concoct the Ultimate Mojito

So this is a ‘building’ cocktail which means you DO NOT use a cocktail shaker. Just follow the steps below to your Ultimate Mojito:

  • Slice your lime into 8 segments. Put 4 in the bottom of your glass
  • Add 2 tsps of the brown sugar
  • Add the slightest dash of soda
  • Use your muddler to squish the lime and sugar together forming a nice juicy base
  • Add a small handful of mint leaves (8 should do it)
  • Add some crushed ice to fill just over half the glass
  • Pour over 37.5ml (1 and half shots) of Havana 3 ans and 25ml of sugar or gomme syrup
  • Take your stirrer and give it a good whirling!
  • Fill to just below the top with more crushed ice
  • Pour in the soda to fill your glass
  • Decorate with a lime wedge, mint sprig and straw

Add more syrup, lime or rum depending on your taste.

For a virgin mojito use apple juice instead of rum and add a shot of vanilla syrup! Yum.

Ingredients and skills you should not be without for the upcoming BBQ season, your guide to the Ultimate Mojito

Please, ladies, share the love.

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