If you love wine, but hate the overwhelming selection on offer at your local supermarket – meaning you usually end up going for the same bottle of wine each week – well, suffer no more! There is a brilliant new wine subscription available, which means you can get a range of delicious affordable wines delivered to your doorstep faster than you can say BOGOF. Introducing: The Grape Club!

The Grape Club: wine-derful

Picture the scene, you are standing in the wine aisle of your local supermarket, you are doing your best to seem intrigued at the huge range of wines on offer whilst sneakily trying to suss out the cheapest bottle on offer with the highest alcohol content. Sound like your typical Friday evening experience? This can be a thing of the past, The Grape Club aims to introduce an innovative and hassle-free way to buy wine.

Wine to your front door

The Grape Club is a wine subscription service that sends members four bottles of wine (normally two red, two white) to your door each month. If you like wine, but don’t know much about the different types, regions etc., then The Grape Club seriously helps with your wine education. Each bottle of wine comes with a swinging tag around the bottleneck, explaining more about the wine, the winemakers, the region and what all of this means when you drink it. It also provides handy suggestions for perfect food accompaniments, which help you conjure up more creative food dishes.

Themed Grape Drops

Each monthly ‘Grape Drop’, as the Club calls it, has a theme. The October subscription was aptly Rugby World Cup themed with four wines from great Rugby nations: New Zealand, Australia, France and Italy. The November edition is ‘Undiscovered Iberia’, including grape varieties that you might not have heard of before. The subscription is ideal for those who are ‘beginners’ but would like to find out more about wine, but also for ‘experts’ who just fancy a bit more variety without compromising on quality.

Ant and Louisa

You can guarantee that you are in great, experienced hands with The Grape Club. It is run by cousins Ant and Louisa who hail from a wine-producing family in Northern Portugal. They became fed up with the lack of clarity in wine retailing. They found that consumers often opt for low quality and unimaginative wine because they are confused by the prices and are often duped into thinking their choice was initially worth a lot more.  We’ve all been there!

Be the best guest

The wine makes you a popular guest at a dinner party or family meal. It would also make a great gift for Christmas – you could separate the box and you have 4 instant gifts for your boss, father-in-law etc., or if you are feeling generous you can buy the whole box as a gift, either for a single month or a rolling subscription.

Try it out

The subscription service is £45 a month. In addition, if a member discovers a wine they love, they can order a case with a 15% discount.

Do you fancy a breakaway from supermarket wines? Why not try The Grape Club! Check out their website or follow them on Twitter @TheGrapeClub.

Trying The Grape Club? Share your thoughts with us @tweetjanes

*Pictures used are from the October ‘Grape Drop’

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