So it turns out National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a thing, every 14 January. Yup, there really is a day for everything now! Sadly, our pets weren’t so keen on being dressed up – however, fear not, we’re still bringing you a large dose of laughs with the best pet selfies. We’ve scoured the wonderful world of social media to bring you our favourites – from high-fiving pugs to gangster cats.

The Best Pet Selfies

Who says animals don’t love Instagram? Our pick of the best pet selfies clearly shows they love a few Likes as much as their human owners!

Our top pet selfies

From the cute to the ridiculous – check out these cool cats and hot dogs.

Pug life

This is one smooth dog. We reckon he’s got a few beers and a cocktail for the laydeez just out of sight of the camera!

Pug life

Cute as a button

How adorable is this little critter? We couldn’t resist those big blue eyes.

Pet selfies kitten

Photo credit: Instagram @animalglobe

You talkin’ to me, punk?

We find ostriches pretty freaky at the best of times, but if this dude was eyeballing us, we’d start running.

Ostrich selfie

Hot diggity dogs

When your mate manages to make ‘goofy’ look cute, and you just look goofy…

Pet selfies dogs

Photo credit: Instagram @rivatvoffical

They see me rollin’

This gangster cat is clearly Da Boss – “That’s the CCTV nearly sorted lads, and then we’re in….”.

Pet selfies cat and dogs

Photo credit: Instagram @shayy_wackier

Eh lads, I’m gonna photobomb these penguins!

And finally, no animal photo list would be complete without this classic – this seal photobomb has us collapsing with giggles every time!

Seal and penguins selfie

That’s our pick of #PetSelfies!

Do you have a pet that loves a #Selfie? Share with us @tweetjanes!

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