Have you noticed that you’ve been hunching over to look at your computer screen at work recently? Don’t worry, we all do it! It’s difficult to maintain good posture when working in a stressful office environment, but have no fear because the Upright posture trainer is here.

Tech Stars: Upright Posture Trainer

If you are suffering from back pain or want to train your muscle memory for better posture, the Upright posture trainer is exactly what you need. The lovely guys over at Upright let me test one out and I was throughly impressed with the simple, but highly effective device.

Before I give you the lowdown on Upright, let me answer a few questions about it…


Upright is a wearable piece of tech that trains you to sit and stand upright. It comfortably attaches to your lower back and gently vibrates if you begin to slouch. So, essentially training with Upright will allow you to achieve a posture that you can be proud of.



It’s incredibly simple, all you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Download the Upright app to your phone and then pair the device via bluetooth. This takes just a few stages and the app guides you through each one.

2. Attach Upright to your lower back by using the hypoalergenic adhesives. The correct area is shown on the app and this can always be altered later on if you feel you’ve got it slightly wrong during your first test!

3. Begin your training programme at whatever speed you feel comfortable with, it’s best to start off at the 5 minute a day mark, and gradually make it higher once you feel more comfortable with the device.


I’ve been testing out the device for a week and already feel a positive change. Now, I am more aware of when i’m slouching (which was sadly a very regular occurance before I used Upright!) I’m also getting used to feeling the vibration when I slouch, so i’m actively avoiding doing it. Even my collegues at work have mentioned that my posture has got better!

I intend to carry on using the device for another few weeks, as the creators of Upright say that the accuracy of the tech has allowed its users to improve their posture within 2-3 weeks! They do recommend using it for a few months though to see significant improvement.



– Individualised training: every back is different, so every plan is unique to each user

– Immediate feedback: the smart tech & bend gauge will immediately detect when you’re slouching

– Long battery life: enjoy 5+ hours when training

– Syncs wirelessly: easily pair UPRIGHT to your mobile app and transfer data via Bluetooth

– Small and discrete: UPRIGHT is designed to be worn discretely & comfortably under clothes

Get your UPRIGHT posture trainer from Amazon for around £100 here, with free UK shipping!

What do you think about the UPRIGHT Posture Trainer? Let us know your thoughts! @tweetjanes

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