Imagine a world without annoying charger leads, wouldn’t it be marvellous!? Now thanks to the wonderful guys over at Truu wireless, you can get your hands on a pair of wirelessly charging earbuds.

Tech Stars: TRUU wirelessly charged earbuds

The revolutionary product is the world’s first, entirely hassle free, wirelessly charged earbuds. Simply place the earbuds on the carefully designed charger and the wireless charging will take care of the rest.


The two earbuds are cleverly connected by grade N52-magnet, and they are activated by separating these magnets. The charger also has it’s own magnet, so this means they will never fall off their stand. Charging time is around 70 minutes and this will give you play time of around 15 hours.


The fantastic earbud design is what makes Truu stand out from the crowd. Derived from many studies of the ear anatomy, the design is a perfect in-ear fit that remains in your ear no matter shape and size. Additionally, Truu earbuds are equipped with Comply™ foam tips, which are said to be the best on the market.



It’s inevitable with the way that technology is going that the future is wireless, and the guys over at Truu understand that. Not having any cords on their your earphones or your charger is pure freedom.

The charger has also been carefully designed to be a generic interior design piece in your home. Let’s face facts, they do look damn cool.

The earbuds also have Bluetooth 4.1 and they’re sweat proof so ideal for all your Janes who are looking for a great pair of running earbuds. They also have a built-in microphone, which will enable you to make calls with Truu.

For more specifics, head here.


The guys at Truu wireless have taken their idea to crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 23 days still to go, they have absolutely smashed their goal! Their initial aim was to reach €50,000, but they are already on over €70,000 and counting!

If you would like your very own pair of earbuds, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support. For €150 Janes will receive a pair of Truu, complete with wireless charging, beautiful packaging and special Kickstarter designer detail!

They ship all orders worldwide and even though the expected date for delivery isn’t until October 2016 (due to the time taken for full scale production) we know it’ll definitely be worth the wait!


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