If you have a partner or family member who is really active and likes listening to music, audio books or podcasts whilst they’re running or at the gym, why not consider buying them some wireless earphones this Christmas? We’ve been taking a look at the latest offering from Sudio Sweden.

Tech Stars: Sudio Sweden Wireless Earphones

You’ve probably heard a lot about wireless earphones this year. The beauty of wireless earphones is that they avoid the daily untangling routine of regular earphones, and they allow freedom from having a phone glued to your side at all times.

Perfect for a rushed commute, or a workout in your gym, or running without tangling yourself up in your kit.

There’s a whole range out there to suit every style and taste – from big chunky over-ear types to neat little in-ear sets.

sudio sweden wireless earphones

Sudio Sweden: stylish wireless earphones

We recommend these stylish ones by Sudio Sweden. The minimalistic design has all that classic Scandinavian elegance that you’d expect from a Stockholm-based company. They come in a colour choice of black, blue, white or pink, and are all complete with rose gold fixtures and cable clip and a sleek leather pouch.

The Sudio Sweden earphones come with a built-in microphone and control so that you can take phone calls whilst on the go. We love this feature for being out and about, but it’s also great if you like to listen to music at your work desk, and also still need to be able to take phone calls.

Compatible with iPhone 7 and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices, the earphones are designed to last up to 8 hours before the need for charging.

Where to get them

The earphones are reasonably priced at £69, but they currently have a holiday special offer which includes free gift packaging and guaranteed delivery by 18th December.

Check them out on the Sudio Sweden website.

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