This month’s Tech Star is a little different to others we have featured in the past, but it might just be the coolest too. The Renegade 3D pen is the first of its kind to create art out of plastic bottles.

Tech Stars: Renegade 3D Pen

It’s not the smallest or lightest 3D pen in the world, but it is the best pen for the environment. Specialising in printing your recycled plastic bottles, files and bags, the renegade 3D pen could mean a revolution for eco-friendly 3D printing.


Renegade has a clever little heating system inside it that essentially melts plastic so it can be used to make something completely brand new. The molten plastic cools down very quickly, so it wont be long before your structure becomes stable.

There are essentially no limitations with the product and the possibilities are endless, it’s all up to your imagination. You can become the ultimate creator; simply plug in your Renegade and start creating in minutes.



Anything really, that’s completely up to you! The guys over at Renegade say it’s worth printing out silhouettes and tracing them with your Renegade to create exciting sculptures.

The silhouettes can be simple or intricate, depending on how much time you have to make your sculpture, and you can use some string or fishing line to hang your works up for display.


Renegade have taken their idea to crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 10 days still to go, they have smashed their goal! Their initial aim was to reach £25,000, but they are currently on over £65,000!

If you would like your very own revolutionary 3D pen, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support. For £70,  Janes will receive a Renegade 3D pen, an attachment with a colourful spool for Plastic Tapes and a 3D stencil converter access.

Volant is a London based project and ship all orders worldwide. The expected date for delivery is February 2017 (due to the time taken for full scale production) but don’t worry, we know it’ll definitely be worth the wait!


What do you think of the Renegade 3D pen? Let us know! @tweetjanes

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