We’ve been posting a lot of fitness related posts on here of late, so we thought that some techy fitness gear might tickle your fancy! This month our writer Rhian has been testing out the new Kito+ Health Tracker, neatly contained in a stylish phone case. Find out the full details below.

Tech Stars: Kito+ Health Tracker

Kito+ is an innovative health monitoring device for the health-conscious folk among us. The device comes in the form of a functional black phone case and the tracker is integrated into the custom-designed case for quick and easy readings on the go.

One of a kind: Kito+ Health Tracker

The device is currently the only one of its kind available in the UK, measuring your heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen and respiration rate, while also tracking your ECG.

For the Kito+ Health Tracker to work, all you have to do is download the free Kito+ app from the App store, and then hold down the metal sensors on the phone case to read your vitals within seconds. The device tells you your reading quickly and easily. The app also holds useful information on what each measurement means and the average rate you should be looking for. It is also great for tracking changes in your vitals over a period of time.

You can store readings for future access and share with friends, family and even your doctor. If you have a Fitbit device you can also sync it with the Kito+. It allows for multiple users on the single device, so it is ideal for the whole family.

Kito+ Health Tracker

Designed by Azoi

The Kito+ was designed by Azoi, who are a health-tech company focused on providing real-time, affordable, and clinically accurate vital-monitoring products. They believe that Kito+ is a tool that compliments the expertise offered by the medical community.

Make smarter life decisions

We enjoyed how quick and simple it was to use, it can help you make smarter lifestyle decisions to lead a healthier and happier life. We feel it would be ideal for health-conscious Janes who exercise regularly or are training for a big sporting event, such as a marathon. It would also be really useful for anyone with a health condition that needs to be monitored; using the Kito+ Health Tracker identifies when you have an abnormal reading that might need to be investigated further, and could encourage you to go for a check-up with your doctor.

Try it out

The Kito+ can be used on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6 Plus phones. It is priced at £99.99. The Kito+ Health Tracker is available from Azoi.com, and the Kito+ app can be downloaded free from the App store.

What do you think of health trackers?

Let us know if you’ve tried one or are tempted to give the Kito+ a go – @tweetjanes.

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