The perfect healthy (well apart from vodka) summer snacks that stay kind to your bikini body.

Super Sweet, Super Slim, Summer Satisfiers


Frozen Müller light yoghurts! Yes that’s right; our favourite yoghurts have just quickly become our favourite treat. So many flavours and possible combinations of this it’s crazy or just pop the yoghurts straight from your shopping bag into your freezer for calorie conscious fro-yo. Alternatively, whisk up some concoctions! Our favourite is Banana Bliss:
*Banana & Custard Müller light with finely chopped banana pieces. Stir together, add a sprinkle of cinnamon and put in a sealable container. Whack in the freezer and enjoy at ones leisure. (Add chocolate drops if you want to be naughty)

Make your own Muesli-Mix

Make a banging breakfast with all your normal staples. This is a night before prep-er but if you make enough it will be good for 2 days. We have left out the proportions dependant on what and how much you like-any of this works together.

In a bowl add grated apple(s), chopped blueberries/ strawberries/ grapes, raisins, porridge oats/ mixed granola and fat free natural yoghurt. Mix together, cover and leave overnight in the fridge. The idea is that the oats, raisins and granola absorbs the juices from the apples, berries and yoghurt and swells. Take out of the fridge about 15 minutes before eating. Add a freshly chopped banana or dried banana pieces and any more fruit you like. A scrumptious and uber healthy kick start to your day.

Vodka Sparkle

Let’s face it we aren’t going to suffer BBQ season alcohol-free for the sake of sins or points but here’s our best justifiable excuse- Sparkling Water. Asda for one, do a great range of calorie free flavoured sparkling water which compliments a large splash of Smirnoff fabulously. Alternatively get creative with Absolut flavours and the array of fizzy water. Our favourite is Absolut Vanilla and Raspberry and Strawberry flavoured Sparkling Water. Add some ice and a few fresh fruits to a jug and you’ve got a low-calorie, fresh and fruity party punch. Warning: this is seriously good so watch your limits. Janes holds no responsibility for sparkling water induced hangovers!

BBQ Banana, yoghurt and honey

Sure everyone loves the traditional summer puddings, Pavlovas with heaps of cream or strawberries infiltrated with sugar but why not start a healthier tradition of your own.
Allow 1 or 2 bananas per person. Peel them whole and spear them length ways with a metal kebab stick.
Option 1: Mix in a bowl some honey with a sprinkle of cinnamon and lightly coat the bananas. Place on BBQ grill on a small heat and turn regularly until the outside feels hard and hot. Serve with a dollop of fat-free natural or vanilla flavoured yoghurt.
Option 2: BBQ the bananas plain again turning often until hard on the outside. Mix together fat free yoghurt, sprinkle of cinnamon and spoonful of honey. Serve bananas on your bed of homemade yoghurt.

Freeze your munchies

Slow down your snacking by freezing some healthy nibbles. Our hot favourite is grapes. Wash and de-stalk them and pop a handful each in some sandwich bags for quick but slow snack attacks!

Let us know how they go and if you have any more healthy summer treats @tweetjanes.

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