You know those lovely warm spicy smell and tastes, the kind you only get around Christmas? We here at Janes HQ love a bit of wintery spice, so we’ve been looking at what’s on offer this this festive season for some Christmas spice.

Spice up your Christmas

Twinings Winter Spice Teas

There are only natural flavours in this gorgeous tea and not a smidge of caffeine, so it is ideal to warm up with before bed. It would be equally great to curl up on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of this and your favourite book. Spicy cinnamon and rich liquorice are the two main flavours. We need some RIGHT now.

£1.49 for 20 bags

Spiced Orange Yankee Candle

Anyone who loves candles and scents, knows that Yankee are the best when it comes to rich, amazing scents. Just taking the lid off these iconic jars will fill your whole room with the aroma of your chosen candle. This Spiced Orange scented candle is perfect to get you in the festive spirit with its Christmas spice scents of citrus and ginger. It also comes in smaller sizes too!

Large candle – £21.99

Fortnum and Mason Spice Bags for Mulled Wine

Feeling a bit lavish and want to impress at your Christmas dinner party? These Fortnum and Mason Spice Bags are a quick and easy way to turn your boring old red wine into a mulled wine dream within seconds. Add a sachet and then leave on the hob to simmer gently and infuse. Throw in a cinnamon stick and a bit of orange peel to make it look like you made it yourself. Then, voila! Gorgeous mulled wine wafting through the house.

£6.95 for 4 sachets

Lebkuchen Biscuits – Recipe!

Lebkucken are a divine German biscuit, famous around Christmas because of their lovely spiced honey flavour. Imagine a gingerbread, but a bit softer and melt-in-your-mouth amazing. Yeah, we’re dribbling too… Buy them from Tesco or Sainsbury’s for £1 (ish) or use this recipe below to make your own. Show off by boxing them up and giving them as gifts too!

Make your own – recipe.

Two Birds Christmas Spiced Vodka

Of course we were going to feature two kinds of alcoholic beverage – it IS Christmas after all. Two Birds have taken their crisp vodka and added flavours of mixed spices, dried fruits, cinnamon and nutmeg to create the taste of Christmas – or as they call it a ‘Mince Pie in a glass’. Sign us up!

£32.95 for 70cl

Do you have your favourite Christmas spice flavours? Let us know what you love to smell and taste most to get you in the festive spirit – @tweetjanes!

Tickled your fancy?


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