Did you celebrate National Drink Wine Day this week? We figured, why celebrate for just one day when you can praise it for the whole weekend. We’ve pulled together some exciting wine-related tips for the Average Jane, who very likely already has a date with vino booked into her weekend in some capacity…

Some Zing for the Weekend

Wines for the weekend

Here are some of our top picks to put a little zing into your weekend.


Barramundi Chardonnay or Shiraz – available for £8 a bottle from Sainsburys or by the case with Tesco Wines.

ZING FACTOR: The perfectly approachable red and white duo for a dinner party or BYO.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the label design is awesome. And that’s always a good start. The funky VW campervan overflowing with a traveller’s kit just makes you want to pack up yourself and drink this on the other side of the world. Where Summer exists. But, Janes are advised to beware of adopting that as your default tactic when picking a good bottle, as you don’t want the wine’s marketing budget to outweigh the value of the juice itself.

I was actually stunned by how tasty this Barramundi brand is. The Chardonnay is crisp, fresh and not overtaken by oak. The Shiraz is vibrant and fruity without being weighed down with tannins. Us UK wine drinkers love importing Australian Shiraz (the palate-shaking stuff) but there’s also a weird historic stigma against Chardonnay. Or perhaps that’s just my parents banging on about it. Basically if there ever were going to be a Chardonnay revival, why not let it start with a fresh bottle of Barramundi Chard from your local supermarket? Sounds (and tastes) good to me.

Find out more from Barramundi Wines.

Barramundi wines Australia


ZING FACTOR: Well, more the ‘ping-factor’ really. Red wine is a scientifically proven superfood that decreases erectile dysfunction.

That’s right, 40 years worth of research has recently come to a head (sorry) and proven that flavanoid-rich foods can help help reduce weight gain AND erectile dysfunction. The study was undertaken by the University of East Anglia and Harvard, surveying 50,000 men. Flavanoid rich foods include apples, pears, berries, peppers, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, grapes, radishes, blackcurrants and even in tea and onions! Most importantly though, this means there are health benefits to drinking red wine that go well beyond its delicious taste. Probably more relevant to the Joes than Janes, but we’ll happily drink alongside!

Red wines - Zing for the weekend


ZING FACTOR: The feeling of being oh-so ahead of the curve.

There is, well I sense there is, a craze creeping up on us wine drinkers. It’s not the “new” Prosecco (as our writer Soph explains, that stuff’s a keeper). And it’s definitely not to request 2 ice cubes in your white wine at a pub (although I do this frequently). It is in fact the wondrous concept of a self-serve wine bar. I first experienced one of these in the Sydney David Jones department store, where they serve posh things like sushi, canapes, truffles – and wine at the push of a button!

Now it looks like this highly social and interactive way of sampling different wines is taking off in London and various other forward-thinking cities. Take The Wallow, for example, a three-level wine bar located in Norwich with 6 wine fridges, all named after Friends characters, with wines to match their personalities. Oh yes, and they even have the quirky Central Perk-esque sofas to sit on and chill before you press for another Pinot.

So there you have it – some tips to put a little zing into your weekend, if you needed an excuse!

What’s your favourite weekend wine? Share with us – @tweetjanes.

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