Italian home appliance manufacturers Smeg have just added the KLF04 kettle to its line-up of stylish small domestic appliances. Featuring Smeg’s signature sexy curves and retro styling combined with class-leading tech, the kettle comes complete with a temperature gauge to ensure we get the perfect cuppa.

Smeg’s New KLF04 Kettle Brews at the Perfect Temperature

If you’re somewhat of a tea aficionado, you’ll know just how much the temperature of your brew can affect the taste. Put simply, different blends of tea require different temperatures, and Smeg’s new KLF04 model allows users to choose from a number of options between 50° and 100°C to customise the water temperature.

According to research and people who know far more about these things than we do, the optimum temperature for brewing a standard breakfast tea is actually around 80°C, and not the 100°C you’re probably used to when the kettle has finished boiling.

If you’re partial to a green tea, that’s best served at 70°C, while an oolong tea should be brewed at 85°C. Chamomile is said to be perfect around 90°C, and finally the perfect coffee is at between 91-96°C (to ensure it doesn’t scold). No matter your tipple, the Smeg KLF04 has you covered.


But being Smeg, selecting a temp isn’t the only feature. The KLF04 also features a keep warm option which enables the water to be kept at the selected temperature for up to 20 minutes – ideal for users who forget they volunteered to make a round of tea!

Beautifully crafted with a stainless-steel body, the KLF04 has a large capacity of 1.7l (or the equivalent to seven cups), and it features a soft opening lid, 360° swivel base with non-slip feet, automatic shut-off at 100°C, a removable, washable stainless steel limescale filter and concealed heating element to prevent limescale build-up.

Available in Cream, Black, Red, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink, Pastel Green and Chrome shades, the KLF04 variable temperature kettle is priced from £149.95 and will be available to purchase directly from Smeg’s first ever flagship store in the stunning redevelopment of Regent Street St James, London. Head over to the Smeg Website for more details.


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