Shader: Portable Shade & Sun Protection


There’s nothing better than spending a hot summer’s day sunbathing on the beach. But when you want to read your book, or check your phone, the sun’s brightness can be a real issue. Don’t worry though, because there’s an easy solution: the innovative Shader, a device that offers both portable shade and personal sun protection.


So what actually is the shader? Well it’s a portable device that essentially blocks the sun out of your face, or keeps your drinks in the shade. It will lay flat when not in use, but will open up fully to cover your face, offering both shade and privacy.

The handy device also offers protection from wind and troublesome sand that always seems to find a way to become uncomfortable when you’re sunbathing on the beach.


There’s loads of reasons why we love the shader. First and foremost, sunshine in the UK even in the summer is a rarity, so when it does make an appearance we want to spend all our time in it, without getting burnt.

Many people can’t use sunscreen on their faces due to certain skin conditions, and others just don’t want to, especially if wearing make-up, so the shader offers up a fantastic solution. Plus, what a bonus it would be to have your drinks in the shade.



The guys behind the innovative concept have also created a whole host of accessories that go alongside the shader. These include:
– Removable chill pillow
– Drink holders in the base
– Solar powered 2 USB port battery pack
– USB fan


The makers behind the device have taken their idea to crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 19 days still to go, they’ve already absolutely smashed their goal! Their initial aim was to reach $25,000, but their current total is over $100,000!

If you would like your very own revolutionary Shader or to find out more about them, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support. For around £30, earlybird Janes will receive 1x shader and 1x chill pillow. If you wanted the whole lot (shader, chill pillow, solar panel, fan, bag, shader t shirt and shader cap) earlybird Janes can get their hands on it for around £70. Be quick though, because they’re selling out fast!

Shipping is to most countries around the world, including the UK. The expected date for delivery is November 2017.


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