Fancy spying on your very own home?! Whilst it may be borderline Big Brother, the new Samsung Smart Home Camera is a whole lot of fun!

Samsung Smart Home Camera

Place the camera anywhere around your home or work and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone or laptop (simple instructions are included). Once you have it in your place of choice, walk away and wait for the magic to happen. Using motion and sound detection, as soon as they are activated you will receive a notification to your phone through the free app or straight to your PC / Mac. Press the button and instantly see who (or what!) is in the camera’s line of sight!

We have used it hidden on top of the fridge to see who is eating what (or cheating on their diet!), and even left it in the office to listen to all the work gossip!! We also caught our very naughty kitten in places it definitely shouldn’t have been!

Once viewing the live stream you can take screenshots or record video which is sent straight to a private YouTube channel. And the quality is better than we expected with actually very little delay between live and on your phone. And possibly the best bit…?

Two-way talk! Press the button and you can live talk and chat to your prey of choice! Don’t worry, it isn’t on all the time, just when you choose it to be.

Now, motion detection and security cameras available through your iPhone are nothing new, but the apps clever features and two-way talk are seriously neat. And at less than £100, we can see it being our new best friend! Or the perfect gift for the gadget obsessed!


Samsung are very much becoming the technology brand for today’s lifestyle, and the all new Samsung Smart Home Camera is just another feather in their cap.

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Tickled your fancy?


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