What puts a smile on your face? We’ve been swapping our thoughts at Janes HQ and thought we’d share some of the small things that make us smile.

Reasons to be cheerful!

Last Friday was World Smile Day, and with World Mental Health Day this weekend on 10 October, it got us here at Average Janes HQ thinking about what helps us break through daily frustrations to appreciate the smaller things in life.

A healthy mind can be hard to maintain when we’re busy rushing around our lives, constantly comparing ourselves to other’s – and we’re not helped by the perfectionism of many social media accounts. Add to that our monthly hormone cycles – which can leave us emotionally drained and physically shattered – and we could sometimes do with a nudge that there are better things to come. That little voice that helps us take time for ourselves and appreciate the things that make us happy in the here and now.

For those with an illness such as depression or anxiety, the added pressure of dealing with people’s misunderstanding of mental illness makes life even tougher. The fantastic work of organisations such as the Mental Health Foundation is aiming to break down these misconceptions – check them out for support and advice.

So – without going too #blessed on you – here at Janes HQ we decided to share three little things that comfort each of us and make us smile. We’d love you to share yours too!

Becky – Average Jane @tweetjanes

  • A cup of tea from my ‘Make it happen’ mug
  • A weekday wine-fuelled evening with my closest friends, putting the world to rights
  • First try of a brand new lipstick – my current obsession is Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect, not least because the name makes me smile every time!

Rhian – @_RHEEEENA

  • Taking my make up off after a long day – and putting on a face mask if I’m feeling extra fancy
  • Family gatherings. When your family is spread out all over the country it really makes you appreciate the times you spend together!
  • The Office (US) – my new TV obsession. Bit late on this one but seriously guys, I’ve watched 3 seasons in less than a week (help?)

Libby – @Libbymasters

  • Flying home from Cork to catch up with my family.
  • Buying a new outfit or pair of shoes that I love.
  • Heading to Glastonbury festival with a bunch of great friends and being drunk in a field for five days!

Sophie – @sophbennett1

  • Getting into my pyjamas – even just taking my bra off when I get in makes me happy! And slippers after a day in heels.
  • Speaking to/seeing/texting my best mates – I can text/call them anytime and know they would get back to me asap about anything, from texts about Gogglebox to a proper crisis!
  • Fresh air, be it a walk in the park or running through the woods

Holly – @holly_collas

  • Christmas (everything about it)
  • A nice hot bath when it’s cold outside
  • Getting that last bit of a Calippo out when it’s all melted!

What small daily things make you smile? Share with us @tweetjanes!

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