Since the launch of the Apple iPad in 2010, the modern tablet has gradually been taking over the consumer technology world. And in the last year we have been inundated with ‘faster’, ‘smaller’, ‘clearer’ variations. Whether you’re a Professional, Social or Family Jane, the tablet is fast becoming an essential part of modern, everyday life but if you’re a tablet virgin the marketplace just becomes a minefield of choices.

Professional, Social or Family? Which 2013 Tablet are you?

We’ve tried to make the job of picking the right tablet a little easier with our 3 top picks to suit your lifestyle.

The Professional Jane

Are you always replying to emails on a tiny little keypad whilst squinting under a bedside lamp and typing up notes with your thumbs on the train?

Your top tablet is the Microsoft Surface RT or Pro ~ Prices from £399

The Surface Pro is a hybrid between a tablet and laptop. The 10.6” full HD screen is decent and bright and it’s great for watching films and browsing, then the lightweight, clip on keyboard and kickstand transforms it into a useable laptop. You can choose from basic windows (RT) or the newly launched Pro which runs a full version of Windows 8 and the full Office suite. There are two keyboard options, both at a supplement price of around £100, one with clicky keys or the fancier (and much more fun!) touch enabled version. Overall, it’s fast, will do everything you would want from a standard laptop and is light and easy to carry.

The Social Jane

Forever checking/stalking social networks and watching trailers for your next movie night? Want to save your cash for nights out?

Your top tablet is the Google Nexus 7 ~ Prices from £159

With a 7” HD screen and at just 10mm thick it’s lightweight and portable yet with an impressive build and style. The Nexus 7 is the stand out option in the ‘budget’ devices. It’s all-day battery life is perfect for those on the move and being made for Google Play it gives you easy access to millions of songs, thousands of movies, TV shows and the latest magazines – plus over 700,000 apps and games. And all your content is instantly available in the cloud.

The Family Jane

Do you love talking to far away family and find it useful to entertain children on the run with re-plays of Peppa Pig?

Your top tablet is the Apple iPad mini ~ Prices from £269

The simple and efficient iOS, a selection of mind-blowing apps and a design elegance that is unmatched by any of it’s competitors, the iPad Mini will not disappoint. The facetime function is a ridiculously easy and entertaining way to stay in touch with family and the 10 hour battery life means you won’t be forever hunting for a charger! It’s 7.9” display is vivid and sharp and the ultra fast connectivity means you won’t be watching a loading bar whilst juggling crying children. It’s incredibly lightweight and simple to navigate.

So…which kind of Jane are you? Let us know below and about your favourite tablet.

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