New Year Anti-Resolutions

New Year anti-resolutions wine drinking

Whether you like them or not, New Year Resolutions are one of the oldest traditions associated with this time of year. The favourites are usually to do with giving up alcohol or exercising more, but some of the simpler ones could be anything – from learning a new skill to opening doors for people you don’t know. Here at Janes HQ we are rebelling against the usual resolutions (which we never stick to anyway) and doing some New Year Anti-resolutions – things we aren’t going to do!

Our New Year anti-resolutions

Take some inspiration from what we’ll be carrying on doing in 2016!

Not giving up drinking – Libby

I’d just be setting myself up for failure if I attempted this – January is when I drink the MOST alcohol. Going to work in the dark surrounded by snotty people and returning home in the dark surrounded by a different selection of snotty people is enough for anyone to down a glass (a bottle) of wine, right? Cheers to New Year anti-resolutions!

Not cutting back on socialising – Sophie

Every year I announce I’ll socialise less – and two weeks into January I’m crawling the walls with boredom. This year I tried to go to less gigs, which was stupid when you have no kids and there’s so many gigs going on. So, of course, after a drought of gigs I ended up booking an “all nighter” gig, which it turns out wasn’t good marketing but an actual gig until 6am. I’m still shuddering thinking about it. It took me days to recover. In 2016 I’ll be embracing being social and hitting up the gigs! (As long as they finish at 11pm. Obviously.)

New Year anti-resolutions gigs - Pawel Bukowski

Not even calling them resolutions – Rhian

I am not going to call them New Year’s resolutions because I believe short and long term goals should be made all year round. I always make a note of some goals I would like to achieve (big or small) around the new year and set a reminder to look back at them in a few months and evaluate my progress. This means I am more likely to achieve the goals because I am constantly reminding myself of them. It also means I can adjust them if something is becoming unachievable. I can also think of new goals throughout the year.

Not giving up any food or drink – Nell

I don’t plan on giving food or drink up. I think it sets you up for failure and feeling guilty if you have a treat. So I will just be having what I like, when I like. In moderation.

New Year anti-resolutions food & drink - Jay Wennington

Not giving up shopping sprees – Holly

A lot of people see January as a time to pull back on the spending. My anti-resolution? I am definitely not giving up shopping. Hello? It’s January and that’s when all the best sales are, and odds are someone has given you a voucher so it would rude not to spend that. Don’t get me wrong, if you are spending hundreds shopping online every day and in the shops every weekend, that’s different. But if I see something I like, I’m not going to deprive myself.

Not stopping binge-watching hot new TV – Becky, editor

Actually, let’s be honest, not giving up any TV show that I get into. My latest addiction has been Grey’s Anatomy and I think I’m about 10 years being on-trend there, so I have no excuse! I always end up feeling guilty if I roll round another episode – I feel I should be “doing something useful”. So in 2016, I’m getting rid of the guilt and indulging myself when I want to switch off my brain and just fill my eyes with television!

Clothes shopping

There you have it – our New Year’s anti-resolutions for 2016.

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