Tech Stars: Moment 2.0


If you want to get into photography, but don’t want to fork out a huge sum for a decent camera, Moment 2.0 have the answer: the world’s first battery case, photo case, and cinema wide lens for mobile photography.

These days, many of us opt for using our phones to take pictures rather than having a standalone camera. But the guys over at Moment believe there’s a way to make your phone act more like a camera, and that’s where Moment 2.0 comes in…


Travel anywhere at ease with the Moment 2.0 and turn your phone into a mini DSLR camera. Moment is designing lenses for iPhone 6, 6+, 7 and 7+ and Google Pixel; however, eager customers are urging Moment to include more compatible devices, so if you don’t see your handset there, all is not lost.

The case (which we’ll get onto later) makes it possible for you to mount lenses onto your smartphone and the lens attachments look excellent. There’s even a physical shutter button on it—one that uses the Lightning connector, making it much faster than the older Moment case’s Bluetooth button. You also get DSLR-type actions when you take photos within Moment’s app: a half press resets focus and exposure, a full press snaps a photo, and a press-and-hold action fires a burst.



A cool lens on an iPhone sounds wonderful, but that’s surely going to affect battery life. You see, the downside of rigorous photography is that it will ultimately leave you on 10%, but Moment have that covered too, with a battery case that will power up your phone, while also enabling you to capture as many pictures as you want. These guys are geniuses.

For those of you for want to know the tech info about the case, the iPhone 7+ case has a 3500 mAh battery while the smaller case has a 2500 mAh battery capacity.


If you don’t believe us that the Moment 2.0 takes better pictures, check out some of these stunning snaps shot with the lens attached to the Google Pixel:



The makers behind Moment 2.0 have taken their idea to crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 16 days still to go, they’ve already smashed their goal! Their initial aim was to reach $500,000, but their current total is over $600,000!

If you would like your very own revolutionary Moment 2.0, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support. From £80, Janes will receive a photo case (for lots of different phone models), a Moment lens and a lens cap. But be quick, because the earlybird Moments are selling fast!

Shipping is worldwide and the expected date for delivery is June 2017.

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