What is your cocktail of choice? An exotic Pina Colada, or maybe a thirst-quenching Mojito? Well now, thanks to the lovely guys over at Magnified Self and their ingenious MixStik, you can enjoy making the perfect cocktail from the comfort of your own home!

MixStik: The Perfect Cocktail Companion

If there’s one thing we aren’t very good at when making cocktails, it’s guessing the quantities of each ingredient. But now the MixStik device will help you create all of your favourite cocktails in seconds with barely any hassle! It’ll be just as easy to make a cocktail than it will be to grab a glass of wine!

Whether you are making a cocktail for yourself, or you have a bunch of friends round for dinner, the Mixstik is the perfect companion for helping you create some delicious cocktails!


So, how does the Mixstik work? Well, the wonderful sticks work hand-in-hand with an app which provides all the directions for making a cocktail of your choice. Simply place the MixStik near your phone on the app connect screen and it will connect to it automatically.

You can choose from over 100+ recipes on the app, customise them, or even make your own one! Once you have decided on your drink of choice, simply drop the stick in the shaker or glass and pair it with the app. The stick will then light up with different colour markers, each one indicating a different ingredient and the amount.

Use the MixStik to stir the cocktail, and if it has mint or other soft ingredients, the stick has rubber spikes on the bottom so it can double up as a muddler!

To give yourself a more precise cocktail mix, the MixStik can also calibrate with the size of the glass you are using, as seen below:

Recharging the stick is extremely easy, simply plug it into a regular usb port from a laptop or a wall adapter.

Magnified Self have taken their MixStik idea to crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 36 days still to go, they are not too far off their goal! We have no doubt that their fantastic concept will surpass it’s goal and the MixStik will become the next big thing!

If you would like your very own MixStik, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support. For just $34 (£22) Early Bird Janes can get their hands on a MixStik. If you’d like a shaker as well as a MixStik, pledge $50 (£32). Be quick though because these fab offers are running out fast!

They ship all orders worldwide and even thought the expected date for delivery isn’t until March 2016 (due to the time taken for full scale production) we know it’ll definitely be worth the wait!


Will you be getting yourself a MixStik? Let us know! @tweetjanes

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