Got the career, the man, the place? An abundance of fabulous, loving and supportive friends…yet something inside you feels humdrum? For fear of sounding pessimistic, ungrateful and selfish you put up and shut up and continue with your life; which really is wonderful. You are not alone and us Janes are going to help you change this.

“Meh” - Monotony

So Meh-Monotony is making you feel miserable. Good. That just proves you are a diligent, go-getter, but perhaps you have achieved all the ‘perfect-life’ goals society imbeds in us.
Apathy is a newly recognised term for a form of unhappiness in women who are juggling career, nurturing, relationships, social commitments and upholding a home. “It’s a way of dealing with the stress, disappointment, and resentment that can come from attempting to meet huge internalised societal expectations” (Cristalle Sese, a clinical psychologist in LA), and quite often our own expectations too. You are smart enough to know your relationships are happy and stable but you just need more.

So here are some tips to try and shift that “Meh”-sigh and get yourself back to feeling fabulous:

Actions speak louder than words

All those little things you say you are going to do- DO. Your happiness is under your control. With all the demands and stresses of daily life you MUST start thinking about yourself. Take and more importantly make time to do the things you want. That photography course you always liked, the weekend away with the girls you never have time for or just a bit of reading on the sofa with a bottle of vino. DO it. Taking some guilt-free time off will allow you to look objectively at what it is that causes the Apathy and you will have more clarification to find any solutions.


We all know it’s true. Consistent exercise fends off those horrible “Meh” feelings by releasing happy hormones into our bodies. Try to do at least 30 minutes a day whatever it is. Power walking, running, yoga, Zumba or a fitness DVD. Exercise is a guaranteed Apathy-arse-kicker. Grab your man for a joint exercise session; another guaranteed eye sparkler…


With such busy schedules this is always a tricky one but by getting 7 hours sleep a night we give our bodies a much needed rest and rejuvenation for the next day’s challenges. Try filling your mind with happy and positive thoughts pre-sleep to wake up one motivated and enthusiastic lady.

Set goals

So you may not have the finances or time this month but book yourself in for those goals you want to achieve. Learn a new hobby like baking or sewing? Learn a new language? Go abroad on a bit of a different holiday? Set new career goals? Challenge yourself. You can set yourself daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals or even yearly ones. Just remember the power of YOU and DO and ensure you get them in the pipeline.

Keep an eye on your gal pals

Make sure you watch out for Apathetic signs in your friends, any signals that show they might be feeling ‘of sorts’ or ‘not quite themselves’. Invite them along to new things, ask them to help you with some jobs and encourage them with words of advice and wisdom. Ultimately, getting out of the Apathy ditch is down to them but having you there for encouragement will be their blessing in disguise.


Nothing propels positivity like using and abusing those facial muscles and pouting your pearly whites. Ask yourself what makes you smile and ensure you smother yourself in it as much as poss!

If Apathy is a lasting problem for you then please talk to someone, be it friend, family or a professional. Keeping things locked up in your head won’t do you any favours.

We girls have so much pressure on us nowadays. From scratching through that glass ceiling one nail file at a time, to show room homes, being the perfect partner and ensuring we look immaculate at every opportunity (or else something is wrong with us!?) Give yourself the time and self- adoration you so thoroughly deserve. After all you can only spread wonder if you truly feel wonderful yourself.

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