It’s a party piece. A talking point. A request. A sociable dip. And so when you bring out the huge bowl of the bright green stuff dreams are made of, you want it to live up to the hype.

Make the perfect Guacamole

However making the perfect Guacamoleis hard, and usually a matter of opinion. The green sludge that lurks next to the hummus in the supermarket will not cut it at your chic food-loving Mexican themed soiree – that is unless you wait to serve it until the bottle of tequila has well and truly been downed.

Guacamole should be a fresh and zingy taste-bud experience in which the avocado comes alive with lime and coriander. There are many different opinions floating around the web’o’sphere, some of which claim to be definitive, of how to create this lively mix of humble ingredients but actually, in the end, it’s personal.

After many years of brown or hard avocados, overpowering garlic and burning chilli we think we have created a fool proof recipe, infact maybe the best Guacamole recipe, that will have your guests’ taste buds dancing and waving sombreros above their heads.

What you will need:

3 RIPE avocados – Hass tend to be the creamiest and have the most flavour
3 Spring onions
½ fresh green chilli
6 baby plum tomatoes
1 large garlic clove – more if you like it hot
Handful of fresh coriander
Juice of 1 lime
Salt and pepper to taste

There are a few controversial ingredients to mention. Firstly, spring onions tend to give that slight onion heat and tang without overpowering the delicate avocado and competing with rest of the ingredients. Secondly, our preference is to use baby plum tomatoes as they seem to give a deeper flavour and more colour. We would like to add here that previously we have been dead against ‘ruining’ a good guacamole with tomatoes but if you give this recipe a go we promise you won’t go back, their acidic fruitiness adds a new dimension.

Perfect Guacamole Method

  1. Very finely chop the spring onions, chilli and garlic together until it starts to create a ‘paste’
  2. Finely chop the tomatoes and coriander and then v
  3. Blend with ‘paste’ in a large bowl
  4. Cut the avocados in half and take out the stone then scoop out the flesh, using a teaspoon to get smaller scoops, into the bowl
  5. Add the lime and mash together, keeping a few chunks in the avocado for texture
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately with tortillas or warm pitta bread

So that’s it, how to make the perfect Guacamole. Enjoy the adoration from your Mexican foodies and wash down with tequila. Done.

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