Looking forward to your exotic, faraway holiday, but dreading the long, economy flight to get there? Whether you’re jetting off for some beach time, travel frequently for work, or are taking a trip-of-a-lifetime honeymoon, we’ve got our top tips for getting through the long, air-conditioned hours. From beauty to sleep, keeping hydrated, and what to pack to fend off boredom, we’ve got it all covered.

Long-Haul Flights: Top Tips

You’ll be on those sandy beaches with a cocktail in your hand before you know it!


Low-humidity, dehydration and air-conditioning cause havoc with any beauty regime. But 8+ hours to kill is the perfect opportunity for a bit of me-time! Remove all skin-drying make-up with refreshing wipes, then apply a decent moisturiser. Clarins Beauty Balm kept our skin soft and spot-free, even after an epic 13-hour journey!

Pass some time filing and buffing your nails – we love The Body Shop’s all-in-one block – and finish with some lush-smelling moisturiser. (Top tip: citrus smells have a calming effect, ideal if you’re a nervous flyer!) Slick on some lip balm, and run a blob of hydrating mask through your hair to stop it drying out.

We love going through this routine as soon as we’re settled – it’s a great way to distract yourself from the stress of other people stowing their luggage!

Clarins Beauty Balm £29
Johnsons Make-up wipes £3.29
Carmex Lip Balm £2.69
Body Shop nail block £4



Unless you’re one of those lucky people who can sleep anywhere (oh, how we envy you!), prolonged sleep can be tricky. However, it’s the best way to pass time, so when the cabin crew dim the lights (indicator of the best sleep opportunity) try to grab forty winks.

We’re not huge fans of neck pillows – although we find the beanie ones better than inflatables – the in-flight pillow, bulked up with a lightweight scarf, can be squished into a more comfortable shape! Zone out with earplugs or bring noise-cancelling headphones (much better than the flimsy in-flight ones!), and a calming lavender pillow spray. Don’t be afraid to change into joggers or even PJs!

This Works Pillow Spray £16
Micro Bead Neck Pillow £5.95
New Look Skull Scarf £7.99

plane water


As tempting as it is, try to avoid hitting the trolley bar (yes, we struggled too, but it really does work!). Alcohol affects you more quickly at high altitude, so you’ll get a horrendous mid-flight hangover and become even more dehydrated, making it difficult to sleep.

Instead, buy a large bottle of water at the airport (or take an empty water bottle and ask the flight attendants to fill it), and stay hydrated with soft drinks from the trolley. Plenty of time for decent drinks when you land!

Bobble Filtered Water Bottle £9.99


The joys of airplane food! To be fair, meals on-board aren’t bad, but if you just want to get on with sleeping/movie-watching then it’s a good insider tip to know that any special dietary requests (including veggie meals) get served first.

Finally, even if the hours are dragging by, our best advice is don’t get stressed –  indulge in back-to-back rom coms, enjoy the snacks, and remember that within a couple of hours of landing you won’t believe you spent so long on a plane!

What are your top tips for long-haul travel? We’d love to hear them @tweetjanes

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