Kindness – it’s free, easy and can make someone’s day in an instant. But in our busy lives we all get caught up in the deluge of emails, online browsing and ‘to do’ lists and forget the simple pleasure of being kind. So, to get in the spirit of UK Kindness Day – which takes place on Friday 13th November – we thought we’d share a few simple (and cheap!) ways to get your dose of the warm fuzzies.

A little bit of Kindness

A little goes a long way

It’s the (slightly irritating!) truth about kindness – even the smallest gesture can cheer a person up – and at the same time make you feel a million dollars for bringing a smile to somebody’s face. Whether it’s a thoughtful action, a kind word, or just taking the “kill ’em with kindness” route when dealing with negativity, kindness costs nothing and actually makes you feel much better – for longer – than the brief pressure relief of snapping at someone.

Give - Jean Lakosnyk

5 simple (and cheap!) acts of kindness

We know ‘being kind’ is often easier said than done when faced with the stresses of our busy lives. So to help you out we’re bringing you five quick and easy ways to bring a little kindness into your life – just in time for UK Kindness Day.

1. Treat a loved one

Take a small moment to make a loved one – a friend, partner, or relation – happy with an unexpected action or kind word. Pop a little treat for them in your basket when you’re next food shopping, send a funny pic in the middle of the day or share a drink after work. It doesn’t need to be anything grand. The beauty of this tip is that it also makes it more likely that someone will be kind to you in return – that’s the cunning trick of kindness!

2. Send a letter

We recently wrote about the lost art of sending and receiving post. Not got any need to write to someone? Take your kindness a step further and send a letter to a stranger – this one gets us every time, the thought of cheering up someone’s loneliness or tough times by reminding them that we’re all human and there are people out there who care.
Kindness - Antony Delanoix

3. Give blood

This one is completely free, and although you might need to book ahead, it won’t take up much time either. You don’t have to be a rare blood group, and there are donation points all across the UK. If you’re worried about fainting or if it hurts (it really doesn’t, trust us!) take along a friend and do your good deed together.

4. Have a clear out for charity

You probably know you can take books and bric-a-brac to charity shops. But there’s a whole load of other things you can donate too. So have a clear out and give your unused items to a charity that could use the helping hand. Our fave tips are donating blankets and old towels to the Blue Cross (give your local centre a call to check first) and the Alzheimer’s Society’s appeal for unwanted jewellery.

5. Give yourself some ‘me’ time

Last, but most definitely not least – you! Be kind to yourself – it could mean treating yourself to whatever your pleasurable ‘me’ time is, or giving yourself a night off from your ‘to do’ list to binge-watch Netflix or catch up with friends. Giving yourself a break inevitably puts you in a good mood, much more likely to share the kindness wealth with others!

Kindness - Ludovic Francois
We want to hear from you! What are your ideas for Kindness Day? Share your thoughts with us @tweetjanes

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