Keep Calm and Be Cool

Keep Cool in the heatwave

With the heatwave lasting well into two weeks now, it’s time to start thinking about ways to keep cool. In the office, at home or even at the gym, here at Average Janes we have all the answers!

Neat ways to keep cool in the heatwave

Our top tips for keeping your cool in this hot weather.

Loose fitting clothing

In hot weather you really don’t want to be in jeans or tight clothes that are going to make you really hot and sticky. Instead opt for a maxi dress like this one from Asos or keep cool in a nice floaty skirt. Need to keep it smart at work? Get a smart jersey, pencil skirt in black and pair it with an airy, floaty top like this one from Very.co.uk.

Keep Cool heatwave fashion

Boost the air-con

If your office is anything like mine, then it will be the temperature of a fridge most the time, which has actually been really nice in this hot weather (I keep a cardi close by and a spare pair of socks in my drawer if I’m wearing sandals, just in case).

Everyone’s body runs at a different temperature so it can be awkward in the office when you feel warm or cold. A survey actually found that most office arguments are about the air con! In a situation like this, come to a compromise, keep cool by having the air con on for an hour and then off for an hour.

Drink lots of water

Ok, this is obvious but it’s surprising how little water people drink in this weather – sometimes I completely forget for hours. The best way to remember is to carry a bottle of water around with you and drink when you can. You can get some really cool bottles that are designed to keep your drink cold or you can even take it up a notch with an infuser water bottle like this one from Infruition. This would be perfect for a refreshing slurp at the gym or even just to have on your desk. (Note: Pimms is not water.)


Take a dip

There are loads of outdoor swimming pools in the UK and they can be the perfect way to cool off if you aren’t lucky enough to have a pool at home. Check out our top list of outdoor pools to find the closest one to you.

Cambridge Jesus Green Outdoor Pool

Have a hot drink

Yes, this sounds like madness but studies actually show that drinking a nice hot cuppa in the heat can actually cool you down. The science is something to do with the tea making you hotter so you sweat, and then that’s the bit that cools you down. So if you don’t mind a bit of sweat, stick the kettle on.

Big floppy hat

Keep yourself in constant shade by getting yourself a big hat. It will dowse you in shade and keep you lovely and cool if you are going somewhere that you know will be hard to find shade (like at a festival or beach weekend). This one from Accessorize is perfect, big and super stylish.

Floppy sun hat

If all of these fail you this summer, then grab an ice cream and an electric hand fan!

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