Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a home made gift. Here’s a few of our ideas to make your mister melt.

Homemade Valentines Day


There are so many awesome recipes for cakes, biscuits or brownies online to try out. Think about his favourite sweet treat and make it for him. There are even loads of great recipes for protein bars! Start with this quick classic cupcake recipe

homemade-valentines biscuits


As the saying goes ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ and boy do we know it. How about knocking up some homemade burgers? Super simple really; get some fresh rolls from the bakery and make some chunky chips from a few potatoes. Chose a good beef mince and add seasoning, crushed garlic, Worchester sauce, finely chopped red onion and just about anything else you fancy in there. Add some breadcrumbs to hold it all together and mix it all together into a big patty- before you gently fry them off, add a brush of beaten egg. Hey presto! A very happy, and well fed, couple.

Got an adventurous fella?

Why not make a treasure trail- whether it’s around the house or the local area. IT will get you out and about and you can make anything the end-prize…whether it’s a nice restaurant, or you!

If the weather’s putting you off, make a voucher for something you can do in the spring; tandem bike ride, fly a kite, camping weekend, beach walk, possibilities are endless!


Why not try covering parts of your body in body paint and printing it onto paper? Tried and tested boob prints make an ambiguous and creative piece of art. Whack it in a frame for him, just to remind him how good he’s got it!

Save some money and make him a card. Get on Pinterest for some awesome ideas. Remember, make it personal- that’s what makes it special, and don’t forget to follow Average Janes while you’re there!


Get an old jam jar and fill it with…
his favourite sweets/things that remind you of him/lots of pieces of paper with something you love about him on each, then he can open one a day/beer vouchers!

Not quite got time for Valentine’s day this year?

No worries, why not leave little I.O.Us on heart shaped Post-it notes for him to find all day? Could be anything from a long bath, to a massage, to a swanky dinner or just use your imagination!

We hope this inspires you for some homemade love, or maybe print this page and leave it somewhere in his sight! Happy Valentines Day Janes!

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