There was a time when walking down the street with a huge set of headphones would make you look rather naff but these days headphone wearers are considered pretty trendy. It all started when a certain rapper called Andre Young aka Dr Dre got a brainwave and decided to create a pair of headphones similar to the ones that music producers use.

Which headphones are your perfect pair?

So while Dr Dre, closely followed by Monster are leading the way in the headphones market, there are other sexy looking sets out there for all budgets.

The Hipster Jane

Are you a hip and cool chick who enjoys hanging out in bars and art galleries in Shoreditch?

Then you will love Urbanears Plattan Plus Grape – Prices are £59.90.

They are colourful, stylish and look good on your ears or draped around your neck. You can hum to indie rock tunes and hip hop beats while you are having that essential Cafe Latte in Starbucks or your local coffee shop. Plattan Plus Grape is an on-ear headphone made in a modern purple shade that has just enough blues and pinks to achieve a deep, rich colour. It features volume control on the mic and remote and is completely collapsible. It also works hand in hand with your Apple laptop.

The Fashionista Jane

Are you that stylish lady who loves the finer things in life?

Then Molami Bight is the model for you – Prices are £150.00

Molami are headphones that are designed by fashion designers for the fashion conscious. The Molami Bight model is an innovative design where the ear piece rests securely in your ears. This is great for the chic lady about town as the petite size is discrete enough to mesh with your perfectly put together outfit. It comes in black which we all know is the perfect colour for fashionistas or you can get it in white and gold which is oh so blingtastic, black and gold which is very glam and black and silver which is so very elegant. Molami Bight is not just great to look at they are also very comfortable to wear, due to the EarClick system, which works by securing the earpiece at two separate points rather than one and thus relieving pressure from the ear canal.

The Sporty Jane

Are you the sporty type who loves to keep fit?

Coloud Boom are the perfect headphones for your active led life – Prices start from £20.00 upwards.

Coloud offers a range of headphones that are rough and ready. The Boom is a no fuss, no nonsense overhead model that allows you to enjoy your music without outside interference, You can jog and listen to adrenaline pumping music at the same time. Coloud’s emphasis is not on big logos, funny gimmicks or over fussy details, its USP is its reliability and functionality.

So there you have it, our pick of some of the best headphones on the market. Which headphones would you recommend? Tell us at @tweetjanes

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