If like many of us Janes out there you have a desk job and you’re forever guilting yourself over not going to the gym or doing any exercise, if you drive to work, sit at your desk all day then go home and sit on your sofa or just think you really should ‘move’ more! Then this may be of interest to you!

Garmin Vivofit

We all know Garmin well for being a giant in the world of GPS but they have been dipping heir toes into the world of wearable fitness technology for the lifestyler, enter the Garmin Vivofit. Now we’re not really ones for fitness ‘gimmicks’ as we just think we should go running, get our lazy butt to the gym (not that we ever do!) or go clothes hopping instead, but when we first clapped eyes on the Garmin Vivofit, we have to say, we were impressed.

If you’re a bit of a funky fashionista and think wearable fitness tech will just ruin your outfit then have no fear, the Vivofit is smart, slick and comes in a variety of colours! And it’s waterproof so you can wear it in the shower!

Now to the tech… the Vivofit is a pedometer bracelet that tracks your activity and basically motivates you to keep moving. It records your daily steps, distance, calories and sleep. You put in all your details and it sets goals for you to work to, whether you’re a pro or rookie at general exercise it tailors goals and levels within your reach.

Probably the most useful feature we found was the inactivity alert bar. This cool little feature really does guilt you into moving more, you honestly feel as if you want to beat it! The red bar appears and grows the longer you stay inactive, so it’s perfect of those who sit at a desk as a quick walk around the office will reset it. If we’re honest, this really did make us get up off our butts and also made us feel really guilty when the red bar got to max! And it’s a pretty scary way of realising just how inactive you are all day!


Another impressive feature is the battery life, the Garmin Vivofit will last a whole year on 2 watch batteries! Unlike other activity tracker tracker which are backlit and constantly, automatically sync your date, the Viviofit is stripped back and only syncs when you activate the button so the battery life far exceeds it’s competitors.

We like the Garmin Connect online fitness community as it motivates you by appealing to any competitive nature you may have with a challenges board and goals!

Overall, we must admit, the Garmin Vivofit has convinced us that activity tracking wearable tech is not just a gimmick, it’s an easy way to incorporate general fitness and wellbeing into your everyday life. With the long battery life, stylish design and easy to use, useful feature we think the Garmin Vivofit is a brilliant addition your everyday.


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