To look anything but Average in the cycle lane, saddle up on a Fixie this summer. The fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel) is fast becoming the most popular choice amongst urban cyclists and the commuter fraternity, offering many advantages over the multi-geared bicycle we used to ride on as a kid.

Fun on a Fixie

Most fixies incorporate a ‘flip-flop’ hub, meaning you can switch between a fixed gear ride, cycling like Laura Trott in the velodrome, and a single speed freewheel, allowing the cyclist to coast when going downhill. If you have never experienced a fixie, the single speed freewheel set up is the perfect transition from the gear-changing bikes you are used to.

So why switch to a fixed wheel?


Stripped down to the bare essentials that a bike needs to function, the fixie has a minimalist look. Coupled with the cool colour combinations and the option to customise your frame and wheels, passers-by often do a double take. It is also not uncommon for fellow commuter cyclists to pass comment when stopped at a red traffic light.


Quella Varisty Collection – Cambridge Premium, from £399.00.


No gears equals a simple hub. No clunking sounds when shifting gears, means no chain is coming off, just the smooth turning of your pedals throughout your ride. The fixie is easy to maintain, with only the brake pads and tyres to keep your eye on.


The stripped back design of the fixie bike means it is lightweight and easy to manhandle. It is not difficult to carry your fixie up a flight of stairs, suitable for those who need to store their fixie in their city apartment.



With only one speed you are forced to work hard on those uphill sections of your route, whilst relaxing your legs when cycling downhill. Purist road cyclists are realising the fitness benefits of riding fixies, claiming they build aerobic fitness and cycling technique when simply riding about town. Riding a fixie is pure and simple…fun! The smooth, no fuss functioning and good-looking fixie makes you feel like a kid again, riding a bike for the first time.

Quella Nero Yellow, from £349.00

Tickled your fancy?



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