Exercise. We all know it’s good for us but sometimes actually getting out and doing it can be a right pain! Our writer Nell has been training for a half marathon since January and has found staying motivated  challenging at times but she’s almost ready for the big day. She shares her top tips for exercise motivation below.

Exercise: Staying Motivated!

Exercise motivation – our top tips

Here at Janes HQ we thought we’d share some top tips with you for exercise motivation and pushing through when all you want to do is lie down and forget exercise was ever invented!

Exercise Motivation

1) Get an awesome playlist

Running can be a great way to clear your head and get a little much-needed space. However, running for long periods, especially after a day at work, can begin to feel boring so having a playlist you love listening to is a great way to keep yourself fired up and having fun. The right blend of songs can also be a great way to maintain a good steady pace and pick you up when you start to flag.

2) Download an app so you can track your progress or compete with friends

There are some great apps and devices on the market right now that can help you measure exactly how far you’re going and how hard you’re working. If you’re a competitive person these apps can be a great way to create a little competition with yourself or others, especially if you’re doing the majority of the training on your own. I love using the Nike Plus app. Connect with your friends on it and at the beginning of each month it starts a new leaderboard so you can all see who has been running the furthest. I also love using MapMyRun for mapping out new routes and ensuring I get the right distance planned out before I go.

Running David Marcu

3) Celebrate the little wins

Obviously when training for something like a half marathon you have your end goal in mind, but it’s really important to maintain your interest and motivation throughout the training. I’ve tried to celebrate all my milestones (no matter how small) as I’ve gone trained. The first time I did a 10k; the first time I ran for more than an hour; the first time I managed a long run on my own, were all little things that I celebrated for myself.

Exercise fitness motivation

4) Run with friends

Throughout my training I had to do the majority of my runs by myself. However, where possible I have run with friends or my younger brother (especially when I’ve been adding a few more kilometres to my distance) and running with someone else really makes it a lot easier. There is an instant element of camaraderie. Even if you’re start finding it hard and feel like you want to stop, you keep pushing because you don’t want to put off the other person. Equally, when I know my running partner is finding it hard I like being able to support them to push through the pain and keep going!

5) Keep it fun

Running, and exercising in general, should be fun in some way, especially if you’re trying to incorporate it into your life for the longer term. Running with friends or running groups can be a great way to socialise and meet new people. Finding different routes can be a fun way to see more of the place that you live and explore your surroundings.

Staying Motivated Exercise

Good luck if you’re kicking of your spring exercise journey – or continuing on from winter!

What are some of your top tips for exercise motivation when it becomes a struggle?

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