Ahh how we love it. Sunday nights are once again complete again with our weekly dose of Downton Abbey dreaming. The perfect date, it won’t be late or let you down!

Downton Abbey Dreaming

As well as following the characters we are just as happy lulling over the gorgeous costumes. The twinkling twenties are back on our screens with season 4 of the hit TV series. The period drama created and written by Julian Fellowes is set in the 1900s and tells the tales of the contrasting but parallel lives of High society and their servants.

The 1920s is our favourite dreamy-dress up, with the post World War One introduction of softer colours, agile layers and an abundance of accessories.

This season brings with it more skin-showing and straight-cuts than the last as the twenties really starts to get innovative.
Many websites are dedicated to Downton dresses and twenties inspired accessories and Vogue have been promising an official Downton Clothing Collection will be coming soon. We are hoping for pearls, miniature buttons, delicate brooches, hats, gloves… Oh how wonderfully delightful.

But us Janes are informing you of a certain Downton deal with our very own high street store Marks and Spencer’s NOW available online and coming very soon in store. October 10th actually, m’lady.

With the Abbey’s iconic stamp, our favourite Downton quotes and Christmas lists already being penned; this bundle of candles, creams and cosmetics will make every woman feel quite the Edwardian English rose.


With an initial 10 piece collection, we will definitely be getting our hands on the LipglossTrio and the Peacock cosmetic pouch (which we will clearly be using as a p-urse!)

So all there is left for you to do is light your candles, apply your creams and dress up in your favourite twenties trappings, and dream of Downton.

Join us on our Downton date every Sunday at 9pm on ITV.

Tickled your fancy?



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