Did you know that coconuts are one of the healthiest foods on the planet? No, we didn’t either. We have known about the health benefit of coconuts for years, but all of a sudden they seem to be popping up all over the place. For instance, did you know coconut oil can be used as a hair mask to make your hair grow thicker and faster as well as nourish your scalp? You can also spread it all over your body as a deep moisturiser.

Coconutters: from food to beauty

So why is coconut this summer’s must-have product? Find out with some of our top products below.

Coconut crazy: our top picks

We have been having a look around at some gorgeous coconut health and beauty products – here are some of our favourites:

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Fairtrade Coconut Oil

Amazon, £9.13 for 500ml  

We did just mention this, but as well as all the lovely things it can do for your hair and body, swap out your cooking oil for a spoon of coconut oil for some super tasty cooking. Our favourite tip is when making a Thai curry, fry your chicken in the coconut oil before adding the curry paste and coconut milk. You may also want to try making these vegan coconut cookies – WARNING: they taste so good. Coconut oil is high in fat, but these are all good fats, so don’t worry.

Vita Coconut Water

Tesco and most other supermarkets, from £2.50

Don’t confuse coconut water with high-fat coconut milk or oil. The water is a clear liquid in the fruit’s center that is tapped from young, green coconuts. The water is very low in fat, but very nourishing so it can make you feel full up, aiding in weight loss. If that hasn’t won you over, then it is also a fantastic hangover cure, which works by settling your stomach and replacing electrolytes lost through dehydration. NOTE: Drinking Pina Coladas does NOT help. We’ve tried.

Coconut treats top products

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Spritz & Balm

Boots, from £5.99

The smell of summer in a bottle (and tin). Lee Stafford always aces great-smelling haircare products and this dreamy coconut range will instantly whisk your imagination away to palmy beaches. Plus they’re great for adding some hydration to dry summer hair, ideal for beaches and festivals when you need a quick haircare boost and want to smooth away frizz.

Lee Stafford coco loco haircare

Hydrating Lip Balm with Coconut & Pear

Burts Bees, £3.99

And there’s the oil again – we just can’t get away from it. Here, Burt’s Bees use it in their moisturising lip balm to make sure your lips are hydrated and supple. Also the smell is to die for – one sniff and you would swear you were in the tropics.

Coconut Shampoo

Faith in Nature, £5.50

This shampoo is infused with organic coconut oil and the smell is just incredible. It is free from parabens and 100% natural, meaning it’s super soft and gentle. Once your hair is dry, it is so soft that you can’t keep your hands off it. Ah-mazing!

This is only a smidgen of the coconut products out there to help you lead a healthier life, whether you want to use the natural coconut oils in your cooking or on your dry or problem skin.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on – @tweetjanes!

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