Believe it or not, we’re into cars. Not in way in which we’re pretending to be techy know it alls, but in a way which would make us say ‘phwoarrr’ if a sexy super car drove past us, sun gleaming on it’s paintwork and the engine roaring like Mr Grey in his red room. Well, we felt the same way about the Citroën DS3 Cabrio. A rare occurrence when you’re talking about a supermini.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Review

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Review


It’s sexy. The original DS3 is striking and one of the best looking superminis on the market, the Cabrio has the same ‘turn heads’ looks but with an added something special. When we were parked we heard people walk past and say things like ‘that’s that new car’ and when we were walking back to it we saw people looking around it and making the motion of the roof with their hands. As we said, it’s a car that turns heads.

The interior is a gasp of pleasure with it’s matching super shiny dash, abundance of lights and two-tone leather seats and the roof, oh the roof, behaves like Dita Von Teese in her champagne glass, teasingly inching it’s way back in an effortless motion to reveal the sky, but quick enough to capture the best of it. Sigh.


It’s incredibly comfortable to drive, supportive seats and plenty of room in the cabin. The DSport model we were testing was sharp and responsive with accurate, light steering and even though the ride was on the firm side with our 17-inch wheels it remained a pleasure to drive smoothing out the roads in it’s way.

With 155 brake horse power there is plenty of poke when you want to put your foot down yet still manages to take corners with ease and stability giving that fun factor.


The trump card for the DS3 Cabrio is that it’s roof can be operated in speeds up to 75mph (and it really does, we tested it), which in terms of practicality is fantastic and enables you to make the most of the English summertime, which ultimately is why you would buy a convertible. However, when the roof is down rear visibility is totally compromised which is an issue.

Really, we only had two gripes with this car. Firstly, the boot, impressive in it’s vertical rise, is a good size, however you can hardly get in it. The boot opening is akin to a tiny letterbox, which make access very difficult, trying to get a suitcase in there would be entertaining. Secondly, the air freshener on the dash (a small circular, sliver knob with some sort of flower on it) is girly and a little silly. We pretty much smelt nothing from it, but the worst thing is that it rattles and hums at high speeds like a botfly on the brain.

Janes Citroen DS3 Cabrio DSport Review Verdict

It’s expensive. But we fell in love. It’s such a fun and impressive car, defying the modern retro trend, and the roof is so exciting we don’t think you could ever get bored. You don’t buy this car for practicality, you buy it for the sheer amount of pleasure you get from driving and just being in it, not to mention the red room thrill as the roof goes down.

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