The all new Citroen C4 Cactus has redefined the boundaries of design; it’s bold, it’s exciting, and above all, it’s strong. It seemingly protects you no matter what, and it’s like you’re own serene bubble on the inside.

Citroen C4 Cactus Review

A car that stands out from the crowd, that smiles with personality is a breath of fresh air in a world where the world ‘style’ can cover a multitude of sins.


Style is key. Bold graphic elements combined with a futuristic approach give it a seriously impressive stance. The plastic cladding on the exterior make it feel rugged and protective, yet practical in nature.

Following the bold exterior, the interior is no disappointment. A minimalist cabin where a lean, clean dashboard dominates without being overbearing. There is space and light. Elements like the quite charming leather and fabric trim panels, strap doorhandles and slightly textured surfaces bring a level of sophistication to a somewhat playful design. Some elements of the dash comes across as a little ‘plastic’, however the price point allows us not to mind too much.

Two screens set off the interior, mimicking the futuristic nature of the exterior, one is behind your steering wheel and shows your speed, gears and fuel and the other a 7 inch ‘infotainment’ screen which does basically everything else! This minimises any clutter in the cabin, showing off the space and slick design.


A large glass sunroof (optional but highly recommended!) completes the interior and continues it’s attractive, airy nature, a negative on it is that is does eat into the headroom when sitting in the rear.


The ride is smooth and light. It’s incredibly lightweight at 965kg which means it handles well and the 1.2 petrol seems refined, quick and it effortlessly takes on motorway speeds and beyond.

Driving position is comfortable, spacious and slightly raised, you will also find the steering to be light and easy. It hugs the road at every corner and stability is tuned.


The beacon of light in terms of practicality for the C4 Cactus is it’s ‘Airbump’ panelling. This innovative piece of design not only looks pretty awesome, it also protects the exterior. They are soft, air-filled polyurethane pockets, which means they are virtually dent proof! So no longer do you have to worry about parking in narrow spaces and people opening their car doors onto yours! They also come in 4 colour options so you can tailor them to your own spec and their appearance is guaranteed for the life of the car. Brilliant.


Boot capacity is also great at 358 litres, more than enough space for a couple of suitcases or a buggy.

Prices from £13,000 to £18,000

Janes Citroen C4 Cactus verdict

The Citroen C4 Cactus is fun, bold, and you would just as easily fit in at the beach with a surfboard strapped to the roof rails as you would be driving through a busy city. The innovative design and technology has really raised the bar and the bravery of Citroen to stick closely to the concept is commendable and definitely worth the risk.

Here’s hoping other manufacturers believe in themselves enough in the future to produce head-turning, fresh design that, we’re sure, people will be queuing at the garage for…


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