We try and eat as healthily as we possibly can here at Average Janes but if there’s one thing we refuse to compromise on it’s delicious full-fat creamy cheese. So we cannot express our love enough for a wonderful man named Dave and his Cheese Posties!

Cheese Posties

Dave Rotheroe is the founder of the Cheese Posties, a company who will deliver all the components of a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich through your letter box each week. All you have to do is toast it in the bag they provide and eat it senseless!

Each week Janes will be sent a different mouth-watering melting combo made up of artisan breads, fine cheeses and condiments, all immortalised on a collectable top trumps card.

The ingredients on offer are top of the range too with bread sourced from a local artisan bakery, many of them world award winners. Sourdough, Cheese & Onion bread, Banana bread and even Beetroot bread are all on the menu. And if you’re intolerant to wheat or prefer to avoid it – just let Dave and his team know and you’ll only ever get the toasty gluten free bread.


But the real star is obviously the delicious cheese. World class selections will include: Pepper & Beer, Chilli & Nettle, French Brie, Cornish Blue, West Country Cheddar, Philly Cream Cheese and Port Salut. Stop reading if you’re getting food envy – there’s more fillings too!

To tie everything together and complete the decadence of food porn your sandwich will include such pleasantries as Chorizo, Bacon, Chutneys, Strawberries, Blueberries and Nutella.

We absolutely love the thought of Cheese Posties and while some of the combos might sound a bit out there, we love the idea of getting to try all the cheesy delights our great planet has to offer. Postage is included in the £3.99 weekly subscription price and you’ll never have to worry about missing a delivery because the subscription boxes fit right through your letter box!

It’s being funded on Kickstarter and has obviously made its target but there’s only a matter of hours left so you need to get over quick to get subscribing like we have! You can also get yourself an apron and a t-shirt to show your Cheese Postie love if you so choose!


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