When the weather is rubbish outside, there’s nothing better than staying inside and making your house feel like a home. Many of us assume that interior design comes with a hefty price tag, but in reality there’s loads of cheap and fun ways you can make your house feel homely!

Cheap & fun home decor ideas

From upcycling to funky lighting, take a look at these cheap and fun home decors ideas:


We are huge fans of upcycling at Janes HQ. For those of you who are foreign to the concept, it is the process of making new from old: creating beautiful new designs by renovating, repurposing or redesigning unwanted items or materials.

Turn your unwanted items into totally unique and utterly one of a kind home decor. It can be as simple as giving an old table or chest of draws a lick of paint or varnish.

One of the best places to find free objects for upcyling is The Freecycle Network, simply enter your town or city and it will give you a long list of items people are giving away for free. If you’re in need of a few more ideas or are feeling uber lazy check out Remade in Britain, a fantastic website selling upcycled furniture, home accessories and gifts.



If you’re a Jane who loves to explore the world, you’ll love the idea of a Scratch Map. If you haven’t already seen them about in shops, they are pretty self-explanatory. Available from the Scratch Map website, you can choose between a specific country, Europe or the world and get scratching off the places you have visited! Prices range from £14-£25.



Let your creativity flow by creating your very own chalkboard wall. All you’ll need is to buy the paint, available at most hardware shops (Wilko sells it for as little as £6 per 500ml can) and pick a wall in your house. It’s a contemporary and fun way to update space, so why not give it a go!


Nothing brightens up a room better than funky lighting, so we were overjoyed to come across G & T Typography- and that’s not just because it shares the same name as our favourite alcoholic beverage! The creative team of go getters are based on the North Norfolk coast, where they create wonderful eco-friendly lighting. Whether you fancy lighting up your name, or a word you love, there’s the whole alphabet to choose from.

Buy yours from £49 on the G & T Typography website.



A super simple way to make your house feel more homely is to light it up with a few candles. Based in the UK, Illumens candles smell divine and last for hours. They come in beautiful packaging and at around £20 per candle, they have a very affordable price tag. The company offer six different collections of candles, but our personal favourite is the Folio range with its vintage French packaging.

Buy yours from the Illumens Candles website.

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