Today we are celebrating World Sleep Day, which was created to celebrate sleep and aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders.

Celebrating World Sleep Day

So what do us Janes do to make sure we get a good night’s sleep? Well, let us run you through our evening routine and our top tips for getting a good night’s kip.

World Sleep Day – sleep tight

Home comforts and hydration

“A lot of people that I know absolutely love sleep and am in bed by 9pm (what!?), but I have an odd relationship with the Land of Nod. I am torn between feeling contemptuous of it as a necessity (mainly as it gets in the way of progress and socialising and watching the next episode on Netflix), but also there’s the knowledge that sufficient sleep is a proven way that homo sapiens evolve. It’s true, REM is the key to innovation, according to many dream psychologists. Science aside though, my priority is always a strategically-placed blanky, preferably quilted, 100% cotton and covering my toes. Then it’s a fresh glass of water beside the bed, as I get insatiably thirsty from all the crazy dreaming I’m doing.”

– Whitney Edwards

World Sleep Day tips

Unwind with an Audiobook

“My sleep routine is pretty simple. I have recently discovered audiobooks and I can’t help but listen to half hour of Stephen Fry narrating the Harry Potter series before I drift off. Listening to them has given me the most vivid dreams too. If I’m not listening to a book, I’m reading one. I tend to sleep like a log.”

– Holly Collas

Audible audiobooks - commute hacks

Lotions and potions

“As much as I love sleep I am definitely more of a night owl than an early riser. Sometimes making myself go to bed can be a struggle, especially given that I live with my best friend, I could easily stay up chatting way past my bedtime! Before bed I always remove my make up with Shu Uemera’s Anti/Oxi facial Cleansing Oil which leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed before bed. This part of my routine is also a good way to start winding down. A hot drink before bed is also a great way to relax, I prefer either lemon and hot water or an herbal tea, such as peppermint or liquorice.”

– Nell Shotton

Shu Uemura sleep aid

Make time for you

“Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in watching a TV series and automatically going to the next episode on Netflix that it leaves little time ‘me time’ before bed. A few times a week I will try to spend a little time away from a computer or TV screen and try to prepare my mind for sleep. Some days that will be indulging in an epic make-up removing regime or unwinding with a relaxing bath and a book before I hit the hay. It really makes such a difference to my peace of mind and helps me sleep better too.”

– Rhian John

Try a sleep app

“I use the SleepCycle app while I sleep, I love seeing how restful my night has been and the quality of my sleep. It’s also a much easier way to wake up in the morning as it wakes you when you are at your lightest point of sleep. Genius!”

– Nell Shotton

World Sleep Day sleep app

More active = better sleep

“If you told me 6 months ago that I’d getting up at 6am to go to the gym I would have laughed in your face, but now a few times a week I will drag myself out of bed for an early morning gym session. This has so many benefits, but I have really noticed the difference in my sleeping pattern, exercising really helps me have a deeper sleep and I am usually quite knackered from the early rises anyway that I don’t really have any trouble nodding off.”

– Rhian John

Pillow talk

“A good, firm pillow is my best bet for getting a good night’s sleep – I think it’s why I typically sleep so much better in my own bed than in any hotel room. I always try and read a few pages of a book before I nod off – I’m currently reading Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans, which is highly recommended! Just before lights out I’ll turn the pillow over to the cool side, sounds random but it feels really calming against my skin before I fall asleep.”

– Becky Amos

World Sleep Day pillow talk

Balms and bed-yoga

“Finally, as a last resort if the sheep aren’t a-leaping and my mind is alive, I apply the amazing lavender-scented Badger Balm to my temple and chest, and lie straight on my back in the basic yoga starting position. Starting with the tips of my toes, I then run consciously through each part of my body touching the bed and think about relaxing it for 10 seconds. I never usually get any further than my wrists before nodding off with this exercise! Oh yes, and wild card fourth option is a cup of herbs. More specifically, Clipper Sleep Easy tea, infused with cinnamon, chamomile and caffeine free. That stuff is a knock-out.”

– Whitney Edwards

Clipper tea and Badger Balm

That’s a little insight into our bedtime routines as we celebrate World Sleep Day.

What helps send you to the Land of Nod? Share your tips with us – @tweetjanes.

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