White teeth. If like us the ongoing battle to get the whitest teeth you can (without spending hundreds of pounds!) is a long one! We’re always after a ‘wonder-product’ that will make our teeth look like ‘Ross from Friends’ here at Janes, and so when we were sent a sample of the BlanX White Shock range, oh we were excited.

BlanX White Shock

Before we even used the toothpaste we were even more excited by the seriously cool blue LED light that comes with it! You just screw the light onto the top of the toothpaste and then the magic happens! As you open the lid the light is activated.

When we first got it we really did think the light was the coolest thing ever and it honestly never gets old in a dark bathroom!! However the thoughtful part of us did think it was just a bit of a gimmick and hoped to be proved wrong.


The sciencey/techy bit is that “BlanX White Shock formula contains a patented ingredient called Actilux®, which reacts to light to help whiten teeth naturally.”

Meaning, the Actilux® molecules bind to your teeth, creating a sort of invisible barrier that stops the dirt, food and bacteria attacking your teeth, causing staining. The Actilux® then continues to react to any light to break down all the bad stuff and keep your teeth white!

“The LED light works as a booster to the Actilux®, activating the formula as it passed through the tube. You can also use the light on the end of the toothpaste tube to boost the formula whist on your teeth by holding the light in front of your mouth for 1 minute everyday.”

So, with all that in mind, we persevered.

And we can honestly say we were pleasantly surprised! Our teeth did actually seem brighter and even a little whiter! Now obviously this product isn’t actually magic and so won’t make the difference getting your teeth properly whitened at the dentist would do! However, for a high st product we think it did pretty well! And aside from the whitening, it leaves your teeth feeling seriously clean which we loved.

We also tested another product in the range, the BlanX Gel Pen, it has the same ‘science bit’ behind it as the toothpaste but you paint it onto your teeth, leave it for a bit then rinse. Now this we unfortunately did feel was a bit of a gimmick and we actually found it a bit strange to use!

So overall we think the BlanX Whit Shock range is definitely worth a try as, in the end, it made our (naturally off-white!) teeth cleaner, brighter and definitely a little bit whiter!

Tickled your fancy?


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