Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

beating the post-holiday blues

Ugh. That first day back at your work desk – pressing the ON button, making a coffee, repeating your 1-2 sentence snap summary of your recent holiday to every colleague that asks “How was it then?” – it’s the worst.

Sure, you should be grateful that you have this job as it helps you afford to escape the city several times a year, but this sudden return to normalcy is crippling. Especially when you’ve just experienced how beautiful, exciting and colourful the world is outside your bubble!

Tackle those post-holiday blues

So, here at Average Janes HQ, we thought we’d share some of the ways we get over the post-holiday blues – from catching up with friends, to booking another holiday!

Formentera Cala Saona beach

A 3-part plan of attack – Whitney

I have three strategies that help me avoid slipping into deep post-holiday depressions:

  1. Embrace lunch breaks. There’s always hidden gems to discover at home, so make the most of your hour to break up the return to work. Try a new cafe. Read in that leafy park down the road. Catch an art exhibition for an hour. Enjoy a 30-minute facial. Buy a brownie? Yeah that definitely counts.
  2. Keep your free spirit alive. Wake up early. Go for drinks at dusk. Wear less make-up. Pat doggies that walk by. Post-holiday, I try to wear colourful outfits that show-off my tan, rather than returning straight to corporate work attire (winter-sun breaks are tricky as British weather is simply too nippy to get your limbs out!).
  3. Book the next one. Once back into routine, all attention turns to when I can next afford some time off. I research unseen European places to explore, book it in, start a fresh countdown and keep my sanity. Don’t tell me it’s not your remedy too…

spaghetti carbonara

Comfort evening food – Becky, editor

The first day back at work is always tough – 3 hours in and you feel like you never left! I’ve usually made myself all sorts of detox promises as I head back from over-eating and drinking on holiday, but by the end of the first day back all I want is comfort food. So for my fiancé and I, our go-to is always a massive homemade spaghetti carbonara, a big green salad and a bottle of red wine. Breaks all the detox rules, but gets us through that first tough evening back into the working grind.

Autumn treats for post-holiday blues

Kicking up Autumn leaves – Nell

After I return from summer holidays and have to get back into the swing of things at work, one of my top ways to beat the blues is to really allow myself to revel in the joys of Autumn. Crisp autumn walks, cosy nights in front of great TV, and catching up with friends over lovely warming dinners is the perfect antidote to post-holiday blues. I also love all the fashion choices for Autumn (cosy knits and layers and the return of boots!), so indulging in a little retail therapy definitely helps.

Holiday packing tips

Book another holiday! – Deepa

A short break or a longer jaunt in the calendar is an excellent way to get over the holiday blues and gives me something to work towards. If you’ve blown the budget on your holidays, then a staycation is a great option too. Take a few days off work to rediscover your local area, eat out at your favourite restaurants and enjoy some long lie-ins, at a fraction of the cost of a holiday abroad!

Get outdoors post-holiday blues

Laughter and reflection – Sophie

After I get back from holiday I get the standard “Oooh I feel so relaxed and fresh! I’ll approach everything with my new zen-like attitude, nothing will worry me!” That is until I tackle the Mount Everest pile of clothes to wash, and skip back to work to discover I’ve forgotten my password and the yoga breaths are out the window.

So my post-holiday blues first involves the obvious: book another holiday! Or at least start planning one to look forward to. A city break in Europe can be really reasonable, or even a night away in a hotel in the UK is lovely. We’ve got so many gorgeous areas that are underrated with quaint towns and country pubs – the Cotswolds, the Lake District and New Forest are just a few.

My next post-holiday blues tip is to plan some fun nights in or out – depending on how my budget is. Comedy clubs are up there as you can have a good laugh and it doesn’t cost the earth.

Lastly, I think about why I enjoyed my holiday so much in the first place and what I can change to my lifestyle or aim towards. It’s often simply needing more sleep but it can be anything. Once I came back from a holiday and within six months got a new job, moved house and learnt how to drive! I’ve yet to do anything as drastic that since but that’s also why I love a holiday, as it can make me realise how great life is…. And how I should really chill out and not lose my s*** when things don’t go my way (well I can try).

How are you beating the post-holiday blues?

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