The plates are clear, the fire is lit and Queenie has just finished her speech for another year. What happens now? Don’t go to sleep just yet, because we have some great ideas that will keep the party going long after Christmas lunch.

Beat the Christmas Lunch Slump

The Really Nasty Bankers Game

Debenhams, £19.99

What better time to double cross and bleed your family dry than Christmas day?! In this fantastic game you need to be the first banker to get to £10million before the rest of the players lie and cheat to get there first. Just sit there like a picture of innocence knowing you’ve gambled too much of the bank’s money and hope that nobody has the nerve to challenge you. You can always use your Public Bailout card if you get into trouble. We have played this a few times at Janes HQ and we can confirm we have only just gotten over it…

Chilli Chocolate Roulette

Debenhams, £6

Want to heat up the party a bit? This might not be one for Grandma to join in with but it will certainly keep everyone else entertained. Everyone chooses a chilli “bullet” and prays they don’t have the one with an actual chilli inside. Someone has to have it – will it be you? Wash it down with some Christmas pudding and custard. Lots of custard. And milk.

Seasonal Origami

Lakeland, £4.89

Having a quiet Christmas day? Want something to entertain your guests without getting too raucous? We love a good bit of origami here at Janes and this set is seasonal and cute for all the family. Your younger cousins will love it as much as your aunts and uncles. If you get fed up, create a new game by throwing the screwed up bits of paper into dad’s open mouth as he sleeps.

Star Wars Monopoly

The Toy Shop, £22.49

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without conquering a galaxy or two, so what better way to do it than playing Star Wars Monopoly with all the family. When you land on another player’s planet, you will have to pay them rent and you win the game once all the planets are under one player’s control – may the Force be with you!

Pass the Pud

John Lewis, £16

Once you have eaten the real Christmas pudding have a go at throwing this fake one around and let the fun really start! It’s basically just a festive Pass the Bomb, but if you have quite a few people to entertain, then a board game might not hold everyone’s attention. With this cute little pudding you can keep everyone on their toes because they never know where you will throw the pudding next. Such a simple idea, such awesome fun!

Well this list could go on forever – there are so many great things to do and loads of fun things on the market to help you keep Christmas going until late at night!

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