We’re all pretty skint and blue by the time January rolls around. In fact, rolling seems like the only travel method possible to commute to work – anything else includes far too much effort.

Beat away the January blues

But don’t cry into your cereal bowl, we’ve got some simple ways to cheer yourself up in the midst of January.

Top tips to beat the January blues

First up…

Detox sleepover

As many of us are attempting to be healthy in January with as much motivation as a stoned snail, a detox sleepover is the way forward. Have your girlfriends over, or gatecrash your mate’s place with the best trashy DVDs. You get bonus points if they also happen to feature a topless Swayze, Ryan Gosling or Matthew McConaughey.

Ask everyone to bring healthy snacks: veggie couscous, falafels, chicken salad, smoothies, fruit… Sounds terrifying, but when you’re all in it together, chatting rubbish and watching a film, you’ll be too busy having fun to crave booze and naughty food as much.

If you can’t be arsed with the healthy part, a sleepover with pizza will still bin the blues, especially if Magic Mike 1 or 2 is involved.

January blues detox sleepover

Colouring in

WHSmiths have a whole section dedicated to them. Go back to basics with colouring pencils and a colouring book. Sounds daft, but it’s relaxing and distracts you from checking your Facebook and Instagram a zillion times a night. There’s lots to choose from – escape in an enchanted forest, go geeky with a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones colouring book, or be retro with a comic book to colour in.

If you’re thinking that sounds like a load of b*****ks, you’ll probably like our personal fave: the swearword colouring book. There’s nothing more calming after a crap day than trying to colour within the lines of “F*** this s***”.

Colouring books January blues

Mini treats

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be splurging in the sales because that glittery handbag is reduced from 100quid to 60quid… Bargain! Right?! Treat yourself to things that cost nothing but make you feel good like having a bath, painting your nails, YouTubing how to plait your hair, trying that new face mask you got for Christmas.

If you’re a shopper and need that fix, keep things cheap by sticking to the under-a-fiver rule. Try a new lipbalm, a magazine or say turrah to your grey Bridget Jones pants and replace them with a new pair. Hit up the charity shops for books and accessories and do your bit as well as getting your fix.

If you’re really clever you can get a mini bottle of Prosecco for 3 quid, so it’s literally a mini-treat and you can drink a whole bottle and feel no guilt. High five to that.

January blues relaxing bath

Plan a date

If you have a boyf/girlf plan a day or night out so you can spend quality time together other than your weekly Tesco shop. Or if you’re single and ready to mingle (or something less cringe) be brave and try an online dating app like Happn or Tinder, or get a mate to set you up. Try a new exhibition, street market or go for a walk around a park (you may need your wellies for that one).

Also, did you know a cheeky kiss lowers your stress levels, boosts your immune system (the science of this sounds gross so we won’t bore you) AND burns calories. Yep, a whole 2-3 calories a minute?! So, errr, two minutes of kissing leads to burning potentially three Tic Tacs! Ok, so it’s no cheeseburger, but it’s good to know previous drunken embarrassing snogs weren’t a TOTAL waste of time.

January blues a good snog

So that’s our top tips for beating away the January blues.

What are your tactics for cheering yourself up? Let us know @tweetjanes

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