It’s hard to believe that the now iconic Audi TT has been around since 1998, making it nearly 20 years old!! Whilst visually we have always had a love affair with the TT, when it came to the drive, the early versions perhaps didn’t quite match up. Thankfully though, the all new 2015 TT roadster is by far the best we have driven yet!

Audi TT Roadster Review

Looks wise, you don’t need us to give you a detailed description, the TT has always been an aesthetically pleasing, fun and playful car which us Janes just love. Those curves and flowing lines make it one of the most attractive cars in the automotive world. The roadster is of course, the soft-top variety, perfect for those summer days, or even the winter ones where the sun still manages to peek through the clouds.

Whilst it is an ultimately small car with just two seats, we enjoy the extra size the TT portrays, making us feel like queen of the road! On the inside that space is continued and you are greeted with the usual high-quality finish that we have come to expect from Audi.


The virtual cockpit is every bit as good as we had hoped with all of the cars functionality being displayed from a wide display behind the steering wheel. It is both intuitive and easy to use and hasn’t suffered from the all-to-frequent poor operating systems that can be found throughout some cars.

In terms of hands-free capabilities, connecting your smartphone is a breeze and streaming music via Bluetooth is absolutely effortless. The satellite navigation is easy to use and features a cool touch pad that allows you to draw the letters of your destination instead of rotating the wheel to select. It might seem a little difficult to start with, but you soon get used to it.

The cabin is very comfortable and when the sun comes out, the fabric roof can be retracted in 10 seconds flat at the push of a button – quick enough to catch a few rays of sunshine at least! The boot space is deceptively big; we managed to pack it with enough clothes and shoes for a weekend away without wishing we had room to pack anymore!


Whether the car is cruising down the motorway or heading down some country lanes, the ride is smooth at all times. The steering is sharp and responsive and the acceleration through the gears is incredibly refined, with more than enough power there when you need it.

The 2015 TT grips to the road perfectly and will leave you feeling like a much better driver than you actually are (in a good way of course). We tested the 2.0 TDI Ultra Sport model which delivers 181bhp from a diesel engine, giving it all the power we needed and nearly 60 mile per gallon on a run.

When it was time to say goodbye to the TT we were very sad to see it go. It’s got the looks, the performance and a few sensible touches (low CO2 emissions, low road tax, excellent MPG). The new roadster is the perfect car to maintain the TT’s premier status in this market and we’re fairly sure it’s competition will have to up their game to reach the same level as this.


Audi TT Roadster
Price: £31,995
Model: 2.0 TDI Ultra Sport
BHP: 187
MPG: 61.4



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