Although the A1 is a relatively new addition to the Audi range it has quickly become an incredibly popular and recognisable car on the road. It’s fair to say that although the Audi A1 is the smallest and cheapest Audi on the market, it well deserves it’s iconic badge.

Audi A1 Review

The usual Audi trademarks of luxury, impeccable build quality and comfort are all present and correct and with various options and extras you can build a small car to suit you perfectly.

As you approach the A1 it’s sleek and sophisticated nature easily draws you in. It’s sloping roof and compact size makes it seem inviting yet sporty, it’s grown up fun. The clear, engaging dash is a joy, it’s big, bold instruments and led’s lighting the way to all that’s good about the Audi brand. Audi’s ability to combine sporty with true sophistication is a rare quality and a testament to their innate design.

It’s beautifully made and oozes elegance and quality, it’s quite sexy actually.


The drive is on the firm side yet remains relatively comfortable, it appears spritely and holds the road well, it’s truly fun and punchy to drive and in our eyes, a more edgy supermini than many of it’s competitors. Audi has well and truly managed to take a big slice of the premium supermini pie.

In terms of practicality the boot space is great and there is plenty of room in the front, however, space for passengers in the back is minimal. You can just about squeeze two adults in there but their necks will be bent in half by the time they get out as the sloping roof leaves next to no headroom. This unfortunately was a big downside for us.

We were testing the 1.4 TFSI S-line model (prices tart at around £19,000) and it was incredibly quick and responsive, the ride was definitely firm but it felt quite satisfying to really feel the road beneath you, like driving fast in a small car is a bit naughty but you were doing it anyway…and loving it.

If you’re in the market for a premium supermini, not only is the Audi A1 a fantastic piece of engineering with class leading technology, it’s also striking, sporty and a cool lifestyle statement.

Prices start from around £14,000.

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