Acer Swift 3 Review: An Attractive & Affordable Laptop


When you’re on the hunt for a new laptop, what do you look for? Great battery life? Easy portability? An affordable price tag? Well, the 2017 edition of the Acer Swift 3 ticks all the right boxes.


If there’s one thing that you can guarantee with any Acer product, it’s slender design. The Acer Swift 3 is no exception to this, with its slim and stylish look, it’s ideal for Janes on the go who don’t fancy lugging a heavy laptop around.

One of our favourite features is the ultra cool embedded fingerprint reader, which is a quick and secure way for Windows Hello to verify your identity without a password. The all-metal body is a lovely touch too, giving this laptop some personality, and the day or night backlit keyboard is particularly handy for writing down those middle-of-the-night brilliant thoughts or ideas.



For day-to-day use the Acer Swift 3 works a treat, it has three regular USBs, one of the newer USB-C type, an SD card slot and an HDMI.

As for keeping connected, you’ll be able to maintain a strong, consistent wireless signal with 2×2 802.11ac technology. So if you need to take your Skype call from your Mum into another room, it wont be an issue!


One of the most important things about having a slender and portable laptop, is whether or not the battery life is up to scratch. You won’t be disappointed with the Acer Swift 3. With a battery life of up to 8 hours, (Acer says it’s around 10, but we’d say 8 is your limit if you’re surfing the web a lot) you’ll be able to take the device with you without a charger and work away in a cafe or library.

As for the speakers, we were very impressed with the sound quality. The laptop has a good top volume and is great for a Netflix binge session or listening to music with a bunch of friends.



The Acer Swift 3 is a fantastic laptop for those of you Janes who are looking for a laptop to take with you on the move. It’s easy to use, and has lovely features such as the gorilla glass screen, fingerprint reader and backlit keyboard.

With prices starting at around £699, the Acer Swift 3 is an affordable option for a high-class laptop, whether you need it for studying, work or play. It comes in a range of colours including: silver, black, blue and our personal favourite pastel pink.


For more information about the Acer Swift 3, including exact specifications, prices, and availability head to the Acer website.