It’s that dreaded time of year when just about everyone you know is getting a cold. At work, your colleagues are bulk-buying boxes of Kleenex and at home your boyfriend is greeting you with a sneeze. A little TLC goes a long way, so we have compiled a list of five tips to boost your vitality!

5 Tips to Boost your Vitality

From eating healthily, to making sure you get a good night’s sleep, take a look at our tips to improve your immune system:


When you are feeling rotten, there is nothing better than getting into a hot bath, laying back amongst the bubbles and feeling the stress from your busy day at work just fade away.

Once you are feeling suitably relaxed – and no doubt looking as wrinkly as a prune – get out and head to bed. For night owls, early nights might be a big ask, but we can assure you that getting lots of rest is key for rejuvenation.

Early Night


Make sure you include these superfoods in your diet:


These little berries are well-known for being a top superfood, they are packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids and are also high in potassium and vitamin C.


This superfood is bursting with essential nutrients such as vitamin C, so is capable of strengthening the immune system. It also reduces the visible signs of aging!


We are big fans of avocados here at Janes HQ. They contain Glutathione, “the mother of all antioxidants”, and are an essential superfood to boost your immune system.


One key way to prevent yourself from getting ill is to always keep your hands clean. For London Janes, the tubes can be a breeding ground for germs, so be sure to have your own travel-sized hand gel in your bag.

Whilst some gels have an awful overpowering scent, The Body Shop’s mango anti-bac gel smells lovely. It will leave your hands feeling super soft and at only £2.50, it’s a bargain!
Body Shop Hand Gel


If you are looking for a natural alternative to get rid of a stubborn cold or the flu, healthy smoothies are the answer!

Head to Simple Green Smoothies for a fab Vitamin C Immunity Booster Smoothie recipe complete with helpful directions. The site is also offering a free 30-day smoothie challenge with recipes, shopping lists and tips on how to create healthy smoothies. The next one is kicking off on Jan 1, so don’t forget to sign up!

Our all-time favourite super-healthy smoothie contains: almond milk, chia seeds, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and a dash of honey.


It may seem like a strange one to boost vitality, but yoga has endless benefits when it comes to beating cold and flu season.

Heated poses can help clear congestion and soothing postures build vigor, which is considered to be the protective buffer of your immune system.

Take a look at the video and test it out yourself! Our read our review of hot yoga.

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