I am going to level with you – if you don’t like dogs, (or don’t even fancy patting the really cute ones) there’s something wrong with you… Or you’re a cat person. Also, you probably don’t want to read the rest of this article, as it’s absolutely filled with canines.

5 Excuses To Bring A Dog To Work

And for those of you who, like me, LOVE dogs of any kind; who smile at dogs on the street while completely disregarding the owner (why can’t they see me and the dog were having a moment?!) – this is the best article you will read today.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Here’s our 5 genuine/factual/completely rational reasons why you should be able to bring a pet to work:

1. To start with, a pretty obvious reason but nonetheless valid, June 24th is International Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Founded in 1999 by Pet Sitters International (PSI), the annual event falls the Friday after Father’s Day and aims to celebrate the great mates dogs make. It also aims to raise crucial awareness of their adoption.

Cute dog

2. All the big guys are doing it already – Google, Mashable, Etsy, Ben & Jerry’s. These offices are known as some of the most innovative, inspiring environments to work in globally… So could the secret be having Pluto pushing papers alongside the CEO?

Dog family walk

3. According to a statement from PSI, the millennials among us are predicted to soon surpass baby boomers as the “largest pet-owning generation”. Considering that the millennials will also make up almost half of the workforce by 2020, there’s got to be some future flexibility on office pooch policy. Perhaps it’s not always the human who has to be the breadwinner?


4. Reduced stress. Increased productivity. Improved workplace relationships. Decreased anxiety for dogs left at home. These are just a few of the proven employee benefits of bringing dogs to the office. Sounds a whole lot more effective than a corporate team away day or 2-day ‘Managing Stress in the Workplace’ course complete with dry, beige sandwiches and your boss ticking a box.

Funny Cute Happy Puppies

5. The final reason is a pretty obvious one. Because dogs are cute! They’re playful. They have endless amounts of energy. They act like puppies when they’re clearly fully grown. They make you laugh. They are ALWAYS happy to see you. They don’t hold grudges. They don’t judge if you’re having a bad hair day, or if you’ve been stroppy. They are the most loyal friend you can have, and this never changes. Now that’s going to either be the biggest motivation for you – or the biggest distraction. All I really know for sure at this moment is that I am the lady that smiles at dogs.


That’s our top reasons to support Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Are you able to bring your pets to work? Share a pic with us – @tweetjanes.

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