Witness the Fitness: Fashion for Your Workout


As we step into the depths of 2018, chances are your New Year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy are looking like a distant memory as you book your third bottomless brunch of the year. The novelty of going to the gym or going for a run has rapidly worn off, so to reignite your passion, we say it’s time to invest in a few new gym-ready pieces.

If you’ve been rocking around in your old baggy t-shirt and leggings that are now see-through in the bum-region you might cause a public disturbance, luckily loads of brands have jumped on the fitness trend so you don’t have to spend a small fortune on Lycra. Here’s some of our picks for 2018…

Bore Off Black Leggings

Say goodbye to black leggings, patterned leggings are officially in.

If you’re not quite ready for full Jazzy Jeff would-be-proud-of leggings, try Tesco’s F&F active wear range. They’re really reasonable, super comfy and are patterned enough without looking like a backing dancer for Nikki Minaj (though we always encourage that).

F&F, £16


If you fancy taking more risks with your leggings, Fabletics – co-founded by Kate Hudson (we’re suckers for celeb endorsements) – do a huge range of leggings and even come in different lengths depending on if you’re short or tall.

Fabletics, £24 (special offer)


Dare to Bare

The ’90s have made a full comeback, and with the potential Spice Girls reunion there’s really no going back. Be brave and jump on the trend with a sports crop top.

Of course, we couldn’t do a blog on fitness trends without mentioning the iconic, Ivy Park, co-founded by the legendary goddess that is Beyoncé. This grey Ivy Park crop top ticks all the boxes with a rose gold Ivy Park logo. There’s even matching shorts should you want to go full Sasha Fierce.

Topshop, £20


But if you want to stick to tried and tested activewear, we’re also loving this Puma bra crop exclusive to ASOS. Pastel, black and mesh, what’s not to love.

ASOS, £28



When you’re pouring with sweat and feel like you’re going to throw up (soz for the overshare), a motivational quote on your top as a constant reminder can only help right? We love this one from Sainsbury’s Tu range.

Tu, £12


This ‘Keep Up’ crop top from New Look will also look great with your new pair of patterned leggings.

New Look, £9.99


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