We’ve all had to do it at one time or another – a last minute dash into town to grab a pair of heels we’ll only wear once because nothing else goes. Well that may be a thing of old thanks to a new smart shoe – say hello to the Volvorii Timeless.

Volvorii Timeless Heels

Customisable via a free app (both iOS and Android users will be catered for), you’ll be able to change the colour or design of the Volvorii Timeless’ strap with just a couple of taps. Perfect for when you need to get changed on the go, or you get outside and discover your shoes don’t match your outfit quite as well as you thought.

The open-toed high heels comes in Black or White to keep it simple and has a strip around the side that has embedded Bluetooth LE connectivity. Volvorii are also planning to sell extras for the shoes, like studs and ankle straps, via an online store.


They’re not quite ready to get your hands on yet, though. They’re being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, so the makers are still trying to raise the cash to bring them to market. But it does work. They have a prototype that was made for a design contest and which has been independently certified by engineers at Dragon Innovation in Boston to ensure it works.

The crowdfunding campaign has 20 days to go and has raised around half of the money it needs. But we fully expect the Volvorii Timeless to reach the goal.

If you want to be one of the first to get your feet in a pair, the heel will set you back starting around £118 after shipping. Annoyingly, they won’t arrive until December but hopefully they’ll get shipped in time for the Christmas party! For more details, check out the Volvorii Timeless Indiegogo Website.




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