It’s that time of year when we’re all dying to squeeze our feet into a variety of strappy heels and open toes that we spent a months wages on. And as much as they make our outfits uber fashionable and make us feel like Gislele, our feet don’t like them so much. We usually know this by the deep red marks and throbbing balls. Ahem.

Trophy Fashion Trainers

But ladies we have a solution, you can still have uber fashionable outfits and look seriously chic whilst keeping your feet ultra comfy. Cue the trophy fashion trainers!

Whether they’re retro, floral or sporty the trainer is back and our feet and ‘dress down cool’ outfits are oh so pleased!

We have picked out some the coolest ones we could find that we know will make your laid back outfits pop! Check out our faves below and let us know which ones you’ll be buying @tweetjanes


Need these trainers in your life? Get them all here!

Tickled your fancy?


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