We are treating ourselves to the new Summer 2013 ‘it’ bags and we are taking it one step further to take you to the source of the phenomenon.

The 'it' bags ~ Traveller Bags

Us Janes go far and wide to bring you the best write ups on all new and happening and this time we are hitting Asia; in fact the lovely little town of Yangshuo in Southern China to be specific where we have witnessed with our own eyes, not only the breath taking landscape but breath taking bags, and also the influence behind the newly trending Traveller Bags.

Weaving is of course an ancient tradition but our modern world in the West has replaced the hard work-handicraft with elaborate machinery. Whereas places like the Far East and Southern America still use traditional loom weaving in daily cloth making and international trade. Here in South China it dominates the foreign tourist shops as a local trade and in our opinion, pretty awesome talent.

Chinese folklore states that the goddess weaver floated down on a ray of moonlight with her two maids. She showed the Emperor that a goddess’s robe is seamless, for it is woven without the use of needle and thread but entirely on the loom. The phrase “a goddess’s robe is seamless” passed into an idiom to express perfect workmanship, and we believe perfect purses!

Here in Yangshuo, local women dot the marketplace working the loom day and night producing exquisite bags, pashminas and cushions decorated with traditional peacock, flower and butterfly designs.

This ladies is the birthplace of the hot summer Traveller bags. You may not be able to quite make it over here to Southern China or even Latin America to hand pick your own goddess woven-by-the-loom bag but we have found couple of similar styles you can select from the sofa:

River Island hit jackpot here with their oversized, fringed leather blanket bag.

This beautiful ASOS floral embroidered clutch bag with tassle zip. Whack it out with any outfit for summer statement hand candy.

So there you have it; beautiful bags and a bit about their birth right! Let us know if you spot anymore beautiful bags worthy of goddess-woven glory @tweetjanes

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