At Janes we love to dabble in a slightly retro/vintage era! And when we found these, we fell in love! Cool and quirky, you need a map watch in your life!

Top 5: Map Watches

Here are our top picks…

This watch is a popular favourite at Urban Outfitters, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from customers. The retro design and tan leather strap compliment each other well and the gold hands make it very easy to tell the time. One size fits all.

Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: £26.00

The white and gold design makes this watch very appealing for the more sophisticated Jane. Our favourite feature is the cute little arrow hands, most notably on the thinner third hand. The map image is a little more vintage than the Urban Outfitters watch, yet still attractive none the same. This is the cheapest of our watches, great for those on a tight budget.

Buy: eBay
Price: £8.00

If like us, you like a watch with numbers on (sometimes we know it can be difficult) then this one is perfect for you! It sells itself as a unisex watch, but do not let this put you off, it has an attractive design and a cool vintage map background. Another nice feature is the hands on the watch, adding to the odd-school style!

Buy: Etsy
Price: £10.99

Once again if you like numbers on your watch, then look no further. The design is very simple, a nice blend of silver and white complimenting the map background. The seller ships worldwide and has a 100% positive feedback rating, so alike most sellers on ASOS Marketplace is very trustworthy.

Buy: ASOS Marketplace
Price: £22.00

An Etsy favourite, this watch offers more map detail than the previous ones, it even has ‘the world’ written on the bottom of it. Another bonus is that if you require a custom order, i.e. a different strap, the watch can be altered to just how you would like it. It’s a little more expensive than the others, but we feel it’s still worth the price!

Buy: Etsy
Price: £23.12

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